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Resident Evil Re:Verse is a free online deathmatch mode

Resident Evil Re:Verse

The internet is kind of going mad for Resident Evil Village, and no, we’re not talking about the tall vampire lady. This is about the newly revealed multiplayer addon for the game, Resident Evil Re:Verse.

The mode was revealed as part of the recent RE Showcase that detailed much about the 8th mainline game. WE’re getting a new setting and story for the continued adventures of Ethan from RE7, but the multiplayer mode isn’t about all that. The new mode is a direct tie-in with the game, featuring the stars of RE2, Claire and Leon. The mode also features various other classic characters trying to survive an onslaught by the undead.

“Players can choose from a fan-favorite roster, each with their own unique skillsets to master,” reads the Capcom press release. “When players are defeated in combat, their character respawns by mutating into a bioweapon to enact revenge on their foes.”

The core gameplay centers around a four to six-player deathmatch mode that has each team member picking a hero, then dealing with waves of enemies. The preview footage shows Jil having to take on waves of Nemesis freaks. Not a fun time for her, but it’s a lot simpler than it sounds.

Check out the preview trailer down below.

Resident Evil Re:Verse did get some pushback though. Some fans feel like the attempts at PvP and cooperative shooter gameplay aren’t a good fit for the franchise. Gamers drew comparisons between Fortnite and the new multiplayer mode for Resident Evil Village by pointing to the somewhat cartoon-like art style. And they do have a point, as the more cartoonish style is kind of weird to see juxtaposed against the grittier tone of the remakes and new games. The cartoonish style may not mesh well with the tone for the game, and some folks feel like Capcom should stop trend-chasing.

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Others pointed to previous spin-off games like Resident Evil Outbreak and Operation Raccoon City which tried and failed to iterate on the core gameplay with a multiplayer focus. Though these games did enjoy modest success and a hardcore following, they have failed to remain as relevant as the best of the main franchise. And that’s pretty disappointing to say the least. And given that Capcom is not pouring a ton of effort into this new addon, we kind of think they agree.

Capcom has already revealed details concerning a beta for the mode, coming soon. Sign-ups for said beta open up next week. We will just have to wat and see what the final game looks like.

Resident Evil Village will be coming to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC on May 7th, 2021 — as well as current-generation consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One. The release of Resident Evil Re:Verse will happen on that same day for consoles and PC.

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