Where to find Aluminum in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Season 1 Details

With the launch of the new Fallout 76 Update 20 content, some things have definitely changed in the Wasteland. The new seasonal content alone is pretty groundbreaking, but that’s only the beginning. The new Public Teams add a new layer of difficulty as players will be competing for resources and crafting items as a group, meaning solo players will have to race to catch up.

As players prowl the wasteland looking for resources, it would probably be a good idea to know where to look to find basic crafting materials. The resources like Lead have already been covered, so let’s move onto something else. Use our guide to know where to find Aluminum in Fallout 76.

Aluminum Locations

Each of the locations listed below will have randomly spawning aluminum veins that can be mined. They are all over the place, so you’re going to find some of the raw ore at many different points in the game. just hop around via fast travel points to different locales and check for the veins.

The instanced server setup for the game does make farming for a bit easier. Once you have run your loop through these locations and cleared out as much of the item as you can carry. Simply go back to your base, dump off the load, and quit out of the game. Restart the application and go into a new server. A different server will carry over your resources and base, but will have a new set of Aluminum in Fallout 76 to collect.

  • Abbie’s Bunker, to the northeast
  • Charleston Trainyard, across the river
  • Dent & Sons Construction
  • Palace of the Winding Path, to the south
  • Pleasant Valley Ski Resort
  • Prickett’s Fort
  • Ranger District Office
  • Sacrament
  • Sons of Dane Compound, to the east
  • Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm
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Where to find Aluminum in Fallout 76

But that’s not the only set of places you can look to find Aluminum in Fallout 76. You can also harvest the resource from various bits of junk found while adventuring.

Aluminum junk items

This list breaks down all of the junk found in Fallout 76 that can be turned in aluminum via crafting. Players will likely already have a ton of this stuff lying around their base waiting to be processed. So before you go on a dedicated farming trip, check any junk storage you might have laying around. As for where to look, it’s pretty random. Some items are more common in certain buildings though. The stuff that seems loosely medical is often found in hospitals. So cauterizers, ring stands, canisters of various kinds, all of this will be found in hospitals. Schools are also a good place to hunt for junk. There’s a wealth of raw resources to be claimed from here as well.

  • Alarm Clock
  • Aluminum Can
  • Aluminum Canister
  • Applicator
  • Cake Pan
  • Carlisle Typewriter
  • Cauterizer
  • Coolant Cap
  • Ear Examiner
  • Hubcap
  • Inactive Distress Pulsar
  • Industrial Oil canister
  • Ring Stand
  • Sensor
  • Spanner
  • Surgical Tray
  • Sweeper
  • Ski poles (you can find many of these at the Ski Resort)
  • Toy Rocket Ship
  • Tray
  • Tri Tool
  • TV Dinner Tray
  • Tweezers
  • Wake Master Alarm Clock
  • Wind Chimes
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