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Warframe teases new Grendel frame, coming soon

Warframe Teases New Frame, Grendel

We’ve got great news Warframe fans, there is in fact a new Warframe headed for the shooter pretty soon. Digital Extremes just dropped a teaser preview trailer for the new addition to the massive roster of more than 40 frames, Grendel. This voracious eater, like many other additions, has their own unique mechanics at play that affect both how he works in combat and what builds look like with the character. Grendel is very hungry, so hungry in fact that he literally eats his enemies. When an enemy is weakened, you can trigger Feast, which will swallow the enemy up and store them in the rotund stomach of this new friend we all have. Grendel has more abilities, all of which increase the Energy drain caused by Feast, but some of these are pretty cool. Nourish completely annihilate a stored enemy and cast a radial buff that powers up Grendel and friends. Regurgitate send the devoured enemy hurtling out at lighting-fast speeds, turning them into a gooey projectile. Finally, Pulverize will see Grendel turn into a ball, where he can easily roll his way through battle.

Grendel will be arriving in Warframe with the upcoming The New Blood update. This series of patches is coming as a scattered rollout of updates over the next couple of months. The series of changes are pretty extensive, and go far beyond ability reworks or introductions of new frames to the game. These patches will no doubt be fixing bugs and dealing with minor issues, but the developer isn’t sitting on their hands, as they still plan to bring out more new content in addition to Grendel.

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Of course there’s the very much needed Melee 2.0 rework on the horizon too. And although we don’t have firm details on when these changes will drop, the details we do have show that Digital Extremes is about to seriously rebalance melee combat in Warframe. This includes changes to heavy attacks, mid-air strikes, combos, and even a pass on different abilities affecting melee strikes. This first set of updates is considered phase 1, with a later series of updates making more changes based on player feedback.

With Grendel coming to the game, players are still left wondering what’s coming for other frames, and yes rebalances are coming. For one thing, Vauban and Ember are getting some attention as their core mechanics need some work according to DE. And that’s just the beginning, but only time will tell what else the company has planned. Maybe we’ll see some work on Gauss, a very recent frame which some players were underwhelmed by.

Check out this hungry boy in the preview trailer down below. Sadly, we likely won’t get to see this new frame put into the game before the end of October, as awesome as the idea of his core mechanic is for Halloween-themed fun.

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