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Duality Games teases first game, horror game Unholy


A new indie dev by the name of Duality Games just announced their first game via a new teaser trailer. Say a big ole’ spooky hello to the horror game Unholy.

The protagonist has to navigate a strange Lovecraftian world that begins in an ominous nursery that looks like it’s pulled right out of Silent Hill on it’s latest trip to the bowels of Hell. Saidah, the main character is on a journey to find her missing child in a place called the Last City. As one would expect, this place is horrible, and the journey there and back will be deeply disturbing and potentially traumatizing.

There’s even some interesting social and political commentary buried in the game with the Last City setting. This caste society is a last refuge of humanity on an annihilated planet, and with deadly plague consuming the place, things are only getting worse. Maybe we’ll uncover more about this disaster of a world over the course of the game.

Gameplay is a mix of horror and stealth games with a variety of branching paths and solutions to every challenge. The divergent style of gameplay lends to a much more unpredictable experience which makes Unholy that much more appealing. I can’t wait to see more as the game nears release.

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Unholy will release for PC via Steam sometime in 2019. Check out the latest trailer for the game down below.

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