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Strange Brigade’s first DLC campaign is live

Strange Brigade

Rebellion has announced the first DLC campaign for the co-op shooter, Strange Brigade. And in keeping with the hunting undead hordes and pilfering treasure theme of the base game, this DLC pack will see teams taking on an entire crew of pirate skeletons in order to steal their phat booty.

The new campaign is split into three chapters, and each one revolves around one strange occurrence across the globe. So get ready for you and three friends to blast their way through all manner of undead and supernatural enemies.

This first piece of DLC, The Thrice Damned, along with the other pieces of DLC and the American Aviatrix Character pack are available as part of the Strange Brigade Season Pass.  The first addition from the American Aviatrix Character pack is one adventurer by the name of Tessie Caldwell. The developers have also promised to add some new maps as part of free updates to the game as well.

Check out the trailer for this first pack of DLC down below. Strange Brigade is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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