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Vampyr releases new gameplay trailer focusing on combat

Vampyr Combat Trailer

Dontnod has a new trailer for the excellent Vampyr, fresh from the slab. This new trailer is all about how the game’s protagonist will have to fight to survive in the hostile environment that he’s found himself thrust into. Dr. Jonathan Reid will have to use every trick he can think of to avoid having a wooden stake thrust through his heart.

The blood-sucking anti-hero is tasked with not only trying to sate his new hunger, but also avoiding the hunters, beasts and other enemies on his trail. To that end, the game is operating on a core challenge built around the moral conundrum of whether or not you decide to feed on humanity. The trade off you make for sacrificing the last vestige of your own humanity is that you’re much more powerful, and thus more effective in combat. And it’s not just teeth and claws that you’ll be using to combat in-game enemies either. Reid has a variety of melee weapons and firearms he can take advantage of as well. And judging from the trailer below, the combat is visceral and feral, just the way one would want it to be.

If you need something more juicy to sink your fangs into, check out the Vampyr story trailer, or maybe you’re feeling nostalgic and want to see how Vampyr has changed over the years.

Vampyr releases its fangs on June 5 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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