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Grinding Gear Games tease new skills, Soulrend and Bane

Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis League

Path of Exile 3.6 was announced this week, revealing the memory-trawling mechanics of the Synthesis League, and now we’ve got more details on two new skills coming to the game next month when the league launches.

Bane is an AoE skill which is designed to work with Curses. The skill applies linked Curses to enemies on hit, up to your individual Curse limits. The damage over time deals more damage for each curse Bane applies (up to 47% more damage at level 20 of the gem). The effect has 50% increased duration for each curse Bane applies.

Soulrend is a projectile-based skill with a minor tracking ability. As the fired attack worms through enemies, it applies chaos damage and grant a large amount of Energy Shield Leech (4% at all gem levels). This effect can be combined with Essence Drain to restore Life as well. Essence Drain is being tweaked as well, not it applies the resulting debuff with a small AoE on impact of the connected skills.

Check out the full announcement thread for these two new skills on the official site.

GGG also announced a bit of an update about the PS4 port of the popular Action RPG. According to GGG Bex the development work on the initial iteration of POE on PS4 has been completed, and the developer is currently working with Sony to certify the title. The current plan is to launch the game in March, although no exact date has been revealed yet. And speaking of Bex, there’s a great interview with her talking about experiences with POE and other cool details.

Here’s a video from GGG showing these two new skills in action. Path of Exile is currently free-to-play on the PC and Xbox One. And as we said above, it’s coming soon to the PS4. Path of Exile 3.6 is coming on March 8th, and bringing a new Synthesis League and a bunch of adjustments to the game. In total, almost every skill in the game is getting some attention.

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