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The North Burns Part Seven – DJ Returns to Burn the Hive


Fanfest just wrapped for 2016, and EVE is already totally on fire once again. World War Bee now has the potential to explode into a Goon Civil War with the return one of it’s infamous former CEOs. That man is the one-and-only Darius Johnson, former CSM member, CCP employee and now, head of the revived GoonSwarm. In a spirited and somewhat hostile post on CZ, Darius Johnson has announced his plans to revive the original Goons with his new corp.

For a bit of background, Darius Johnson was the former two-time CEO of Goonfleet / Goonswarm Federation, a former CCP developer (CCP Sreegs) and former CSM 1 & 2 member. Goonfleet was the original Goon corp in EVE, but due to a slew of drama, the sole character with Director roles was banned from EVE. This locked the corp and the original alliance in perpetual limbo. The formation of the current GoonSwarm Federation was the workaround. For those that are unaware, the original recruitment policy of Goons was to restrict membership to those with an active Something Awful forum account.  This is vital to the current developments with Darius Johnson, as the crux of his justification for forming the new corp, Ten Dollar Bond, is that the current crop of GSF is made up of people who do not represent the original spirit of Goons.

It should be noted that there is some lack of confidence in the longevity of this new GoonSwarm, based mostly on the history Darius has with the game. It remains to be seen just how much positive attention this move will create. The EVE community is understandably excited about the prospect of a Goon civil war that further diminishes the CFC/Imperium and it’s potential to bounce back from this war.

In other news, the war between MBC and CFC/Imperium continues onward. GSF has begun a series of counteroffensives across the regions of Fade, Deklein and Pure Blind. Several systems have been reclaimed as of writing. DARKNESS. and the rest of the GoTG coalition have taken up residence in Branch and parts of Deklein, with an apparent goal of holding off the inevitable attempt to retake the region by GSF.

The outcome of this new crop of Goons on the war effort will no doubt be interesting. Stay tuned for more updates!

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