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Bioware reveals Anthem pre-order details, as well as some other tidbits

Anthem E3 2018

Bioware definitely had the strongest title at EA Play this year, which isn’t hard considering one of the only other games from an interesting franchise is a F2P mobile game that bastardizes Command & Conquer. hopefully the hope for good games from E3 2018 turns out better tomorrow with Bethesda, Microsoft and Devolver Digital taking the stage. But at the very least, Bioware is aiming to please gamers with a great looking game in Anthem.

Bioware and EA plan to make Anthem into a somewhat episodic title with “years” of story and content updates after launch. What that turns out to mean is impossible to know. The game looks amazing though, hopefully EA and Bioware can deliver on the obvious potential.

One bright spot is that micro-transactions in the game will have no impact on gameplay or balance. Speaking during a brief Q&A during the presser, the team at BioWare confirmed that there will be vanity items up for grabs, but you won’t be able to purchase anything to give you an advantage during gameplay.

Bioware also revealed that the PC version will not have a hard lock on framerates, like the console versions which will generally run at 30 FPS. In a bit of bad news though, the game won’t have any PvP content at launch, but it’s still possible it could be added later, although no plans are in place for that.

Check out the trailer from the event below. If you want to see the other content from EA Play this year, go here. You can find the full Anthem presentation below as well.

Anthem will be available on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One when it releases next year. Four player online co-op will be a big draw for the title. Check it out.

Here’s what awaits in the Standard Edition, priced at £54.99.

  • VIP access to the pre-launch demo
  • Founders player banner
  • Ranger: Legion of Dawn legendary armour pack and weapon

Here’s what pre-ordering the Legion of Dawn Edition, priced at £69.99, will get you:

  • VIP access to the pre-launch demo
  • Founders player banner
  • Ranger: Legion of Dawn legendary armour pack and weapon
  • Ranger Javelin Exosuit legendary gear attachment
  • Colossus: Legion of Dawn legendary armour pack and weapon
  • Storm: Legion of Dawn armour pack
  • Interceptor: Legion of Dawn legendary armour pack
  • Anthem digital soundtrack
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