Null Sec Alliance Drama

Pre-Phoebe Null Sec Shakeup


In which we look at the rumors, announcements, and confirmed intel about how SOV-holding entities are preparing for the drastic force projection changes.

Matterall, one of the EN24 team, put this map together, with a rough depiction of how the predicted map of null sec should look post patch. It also includes areas of conflict along with which regions were bought and sold.

Northern Coalition. (Semi Confirmed)
NC. have made it clear that they will be looking at taking what is currently Initiative space. They have moved their assets into low sec, as well as spread strategic assets around New Eden. Expect them to attempt to hold their sov in the East, but should a large push by any entities come they will most likely not put much, if any, effort into keeping it.

Goonswarm Federation (Confirmed)

They have recently announced that they will no longer be interested in holding any of the current SOV below Fountain. They will be looking to tighten up the spread of current CFC alliances into the North West. Expect them to look at deployments for content at a later stage while keeping their fortress in the North west.

Pandemic Legion (Confirmed)

PL have already made a move to sell off half of their sov in the Drone Lands, they sold three regions to xXDeathXx for the price off three months’ rent, with a total somewhere around 150 Billion per region. Expect them to sell more SOV in the near future. Once they cut their ties with all their current SOV and all current blues PL will be looking to go back to their previous existence as a mercenary alliance, taking payments for wars.

Darkness & The Kadeshi (Rumor)

There are rumors these two groups have been mashed together in a manner of speaking.  Sort Dragon is rumored to be in leadership position.  This may indicate a combining of the two in the near future.   Assuming it’s true.  Which it probably isn’t.

Black Legion. (Unsure)

Black Legion. will be looking to find content post patch. Living near the CFC for long periods of time will be unsustainable, especially with the CFC’s consolidation plan. Currently BL.’s plans are unknown; expect an update on this soon.

Legion of xXDeathXx (Expected)

xXDeathXx have recently bought most of Pandemic Legion’s sov, they will also be getting more sov from N3 soon. Expect them to hunker down in the Drone Lands looking to both farm and rent it.  It could also be possible that some alliances may be looking to exploit the chaos of these resulting acquisitions to screw with them.

Nulli Secunda (Semi Confirmed)

Nulli Secunda will look to make a move for Delve after the patch. Expect NC. to spend the time taking it while Nulli continues to keep the CFC busy up North, until they eventually move to Delve and then hold it for the near future.

Soviet-Union (Rumor)

Their motives currently are a mystery. Many of the Russian corps shed by other alliances have joined with them, swelling their ranks. Expect them to actively fight HERO Coalition alongside Provi Bloc.


The regions of Impass and Esoteria have seen a lot of Soviet-Union activity, with them actively taking N3 POS’s from the alliances who are currently deployed up north. Could this be an indication of their interests post patch? We will be sure to keep an eye on it.

Brave Collective (Unsure)

We expect them to continue the fight against Provi Bloc, whether not they will push for more SOV, or look to move South and take the vacant N3 sov we will have to wait and see.Although them grinding SOV seems unlikely.

Test Alliance Please Ignore (Unsure)

Test have had their ups and downs as a member of  the HERO Coalition. Their intentions are currently unknown; expect an update when we have more details

The Initiative. (Some Fact as well as speculation)

The Initiative. have recently announced that they will be losing all of their SOV. This will be a massive change for the alliance, who will either have to become a lot more dependant on the CFC as they look to move closer or look to go it on their own with their own deployments.

Razor Alliance (Unsure)

While we do not have much intel on Razor, Although some intel reporting shifting of assets suggests a push for holdings in Fountain.

The Gorgon Empire (Rumor)

There are strong murmurs that Gorgon Empire will look to take over control of Scalding Pass, making it their home base of operation.

Fraternity. (Rumor)

Fraternity are expected to make a move for Cobalt Edge, which is currently PL space. We could see combat break out over this region, although it is uncertain that PL will be fighting for it; it is also unlikely that Fraternity will go up against xXDeathXx for this region, given that their current standings are blue things may become unpredictable if they both look to take the same space.

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