How to get the Brigade Layered Armor in Monster Hunter: World

Lunastra Is Finally Coming To Monster Hunter World PC

The latest free update for Monster Hunter: World arrived earlier this week, but it’s not just your normal patch. Capcom has made a habit with their new AAA game of punishing players with fun but challenging new quests and in-game events. The newest patch introduces the new Lunastra quest chain. That quest chain sends players across Astera to hunt down a new Elder Dragon, with some interesting new rewards. Namely, there’s a new cosmetic in the Brigade Layered Armor in Monster Hunter: World.

The Brigade Armour set is actually already an active addition to Monster Hunter: World, bringing with it another new chase for the fans of the new Capcom title to hound after. This new Layered Armor is the newest addition to the cosmetic side of things. With these Layered Armor sets players can adjust their look and appear a little less silly by applying a cosmetic armor set that covers up the mixed armor sets players often use in the game.

The Brigade Layered Armor in Monster Hunter: World can be obtained for a few different items and some Research Points, although the requirements are meant for endgame grinding. Players wishing to claim the new Layered Armor need 5,000 Research Points, five Hunter King Coins, and five High Commendations to craft the Brigade Layered Armor.

Getting these resources is a bit of a challenge though. Hunter King Coins can only be gotten through the top-end of Arena quests gotten from the Arena counter. You have to complete these tougher quests with static gear, and you won’t be able to bring in your own items, so you need pure player skill to be able to farm the five you need. The easier quest of the Arena options is the Dodogama hunt, head for that one if you want these coins quickly.

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The next stop is the High Commendations, which can be gained from any of the HR 8 or 9 hunts dealing with Elder Dragons. Bring sets focused on each Elder to make it easier. For example, bring a Lightning-damage focused set to hunt Nergigante in the quest “A Wound and a Thirst”

The 5,000 Research Points are the easiest of the three requirements. Head out on an Expedition with a gathering based set that offers multiple gathers and RP bonuses for gathering from the RP nodes you find in the various maps. The best source for RP is to take a gathering set into the Elder’s Recess and hit up the Beryl and Amber nodes.

There are a few other options in version 4.00’s update alongside Lunastra and the new armor options. Tempered monster investigations have been expanded for sources, as players can now engage these hunts from monster parts. Some other adjustments are also being brought to various armor pieces to bring some nerfs and buffs to a variety of pieces. Capcom has also included some visual bug fixes.

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