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Valorant could be coming to consoles based on code

Valorant Could Come to PS4 and Other Consoles

According to new code datamining for Riot Games’ Valorant, players on the PS4 could be getting in on the 5v5 fun soon. Gamers have been eager to get into the beta for the new shooter to test out its potential. It’s still very early in the development of the game, as Riot is still working out the kinks. The developer has actively been pushing a variety of updates, and within the code for the most recent update are some elements suggesting a PS4 port.

Developers could also be planning to bring the game to mobile devices. Riot Games might have had an interest in pushing the game to mobile devices to compete with the likes of PUBG on the mobile platform, a huge area of growth in Asia and other regions. Valorant coming to mobile has been suspected for a while, but it could take some time.

Valorant will deploy to its full release this Summer, as the game wraps up its first major closed testing phase. Gamers have been slowly rolling onto the battlefield. With the first full version, players will both get the full roster and a ranked gameplay mode to test their mettle in.

The idea of a PS4 port, and other console releases, has a lot of legs underneath it. a shooter like Valorant has a ton of potential for explosive growth on consoles, where titles like Overwatch made big splashes. A big part of that success was pushing the game to various platforms beyond PC, like Nintendo Switch and Xbox One as well as PS4.

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A console release of Valorant would absolutely come to all the major consoles, as all three should be capable of running some version of the multiplayer game.

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