How to Find Stickers in Temtem

Temtem has sold 500K copies

Temtem is a surprisingly deep clone of the Pokémon formula. The game has gone through a ton of changes in its time in Early Access, and even since its full release. From the very simple questing and collecting of monster cards, to full multiplayer and even more regions being added to the map. And continuing to focus on the collection aspect of the gameplay loop, developer Crema has also added other items and goodies to find.  In addition to all of the monster cards you collect, there are plenty of other goodies scattered around the various regions of this online game.

How to Find Stickers in Temtem

To get the StickTem! album you will have to start the quest Gotta StickTem All! There are a total of 200 collectibles and stickers in Temtem, and there’s actually a quest to find them all. It’s called Gotta StickTem All! and can be done pretty early on in the game. To start Gotta StickTem All!, speak with Feriha in Thalassian Cliffs. Thalassian Cliffs, or Route 2, is the second route in the game after you leave Briçal de Mar. There are set locations where stickers will spawn for each player. All locations pull from the same list, but are randomized per player. So the same sticker won’t be in the same place for each player.

Once you have collected 20 stickers and brought them back to Feriha, they will give you the next step in the quest. This will require you to meet with a new NPC in another area.

Finding stickers come in two forms: Damaged and Mint. The Mint versions are what you want. Mint stickers can be immediately added to your sticker album whereas damaged stickers cannot. If you do find a Damaged sticker, you need to take them to a specific NPC. Hand in 20 Mint Stickers to get the quest to meet said NPC.

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You also get given the Marbles, a special item you will need for later. Marbles causes opponents Temtem to lose 15% of max STA and 6% of max HP upon entering the battle. In fact, each time you turn in more Stickers in Temtem, you get a new special item added to your collection, here’s the breakdown:

  • Marbles – Obtained after collecting 20 StickTem! stickers
  • Building Blocks – Obtained after collecting 35 StickTem! stickers
  • Kaleidoscope – Obtained after collecting 60 StickTem! stickers
  • Spirits’ Favor x3 – Obtained after collecting 75 StickTem! stickers
  • Refreshing Diabolo – Obtained after collecting 90 StickTem! stickers
  • TemCardX – Obtained after collecting 150 StickTem! stickers

As the game has added more and more zones, the content you can experience has grown a fair bit. The Saipark zone was added to give player an endgame zone to goof around in, for example.

If you want some help keeping track of everything that you’ve found, the community is very helpful with that. Here’s a spreadsheet listing all of the various collectibles you can find to help you remember which ones you have already.

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