Pandemic Legion and HERO fight in HP-64T over Ihub Armor Timer

EVE Online Capital Fight

At around 23:00 EVE Time, HERO formed up to defend and rep the IHub in the Bloodline. system of HP-64T,  HERO was able to muster a mixed fleet comp of around 230 pilots against the PL fleet of around 150.

HERO had a fairly comprehensive fleet comp with Tengu/Eagle DPS support by the typical Minmatar Cruiser Logi.  The mixed Crucifier and Maulus Ewar wing was indirectly supported by  a fleet of Harpies.  There were also “Rushcat” fit interceptors to break PL locks, with bombers and Ishtars in reserve.

As the Timer crept closer to elapsing and the HERO Ewar and Harpy fleets formed around the IHub, they were greeted with a surprise.  A Cyno that was initially reported as friendly turned out to be the PL fleet entering system.  A mixed fleet of TFIs, Archons, and T3 support was jumped in on top of  the IHub.  The previous doctrine changes for PL to their TFIs, giving them longer range was further reinforced by PL using their “Slippery Pete” T3s to snipe HERO EWAR.  This choice being a direct result of the discontent and even outright anger from PL at HERO for their use of Ewar tactics.

The TFI fit proved extremely effective as the smart bombs, tracking disruption, and optimal boost modules gave them great options for countering HERO’s Ewar.  The inexperience of many of the ewar pilots also made it much easier to knock down the amount of incoming damps.  In toal only 3 TFIs had been destroyed, as a stark contrast to another previous engagement where PL lost nearly all of their TFIs.

The situation quickly turned south for HERO.  As their Ewar support and Harpies were being blapped off the field by TFIs, vastly reducing the force multiplication effect HERO relies on to win, the DPS and logi wings were unable to keep pace with PL.  This caused a lot of confusion as many newer HERO pilots were unsure how to cope with the improved range off the PL fleet.  Leaving much of their Ewar ineffective at damping PL as they often got too close and didn’t warp out fast enough, resulting in a lot of HERO littering the grid with wrecks.  In total only 3 Crusifiers actually made it out of the initial battle out of nearly 100.

As the battle progressed, most of the Ewar and support had been destroyed, leaving the DPs and logi mostly on their own.  And the lack of Bubbles on grid meant PL was free to reposition.  And that they did, right on top of the HERO main fleet led by FC Blue Ice.  (Not to be confused with the PL controlled fake BIue Ice, which is being used by PL to warp unsuspecting newbros to a POS in GE-8JV to instantly destroy them.)

The HERO fleets quickly repositioned to damp, bomb, and otherwise distract the PL fleets, with the intent of saving Blue Ice’s fleet from being totally annihilated.  The quick reaction of the support fleets meant the main fleet was able to escape from grid.  The HERO fleets quickly left system.  Some stragglers and last ditch defenders were determined to try and delay PL taking the system from Bloodline.

Sadly for HERO, the effort was in vain as the TCU and SBUs were destroyed around 00:55 EVE Time after the main fight.  PL quickly began to online TCUs of their own to claim the system.  As the system has no station, there was nothing aside from the defensive SOV modules and the IHub holding the system.

As it stands now, PL will most likely begin putting POSes online in the system to stage heavy assets for taking of more systems in the future.  It would seem now is the time for HERO to vastly improve the effectiveness and overall number of their support pilots.  The main reason they lost today was due to disorgnization caused by newer pilots not being able to effectively attack/damp Slippery Petes.  Making it much easier for Pl to push the DPS fleet aside.

PL finished the fight by bringing in a Titan to drop the SBUs and TCU.

Both sides fought well, but PL won both the ISK war and the objective.  So it’s time for HERO to lick it’s wounds and return with a vengeance.  HERO lost around 5 Billion ISK, while PL lost less than 2 Billion.

Total losses for the fight and a full battle report can be found here:


UPDATE: It appears that Bloodline. has reclaimed the system and is onlining a new TCU.  It seems that PL really isn’t interested in holding SOV to the point that they just don’t care after the fight.

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