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Welcome to Tools to USE, a series wherein I cover the variety of 3rd-party tools every serious EVE player should be aware of.  This week, we will cover EVE-Merchant.

EVE-Merchant is a robust and useful tool for tracking almost all the minute details of your characters.  It allows players to track all of the following across multiple accounts via one handy interface.

To quote the developer in his forum post for the service:

As this is currently being developed I will continue to update it with new features based on the feedback I receive.

Current Features


  • Transactions – View all your transactions in an easy to read format
  • Market Orders – View your market orders that are currently active, both personal and corporation
  • Estimated NAV – View easy to read graphs on how your NAV changes over time
  • Profit Graphs – See your profit on a daily basis through your purchases and sales
  • Leaderboard – Watch how you do against others on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • Industry Jobs – View your industry jobs, including your history
  • Public Reports- Share your profit history with others
  • Localised client settings

Features to be developed…


  • Planetary Interaction
  • Research
  • Market Endpoints complete with OHLC charts
  • Many more improvements…

Now some of you may know about other services like EVE-Mogul or EVEWalletAware which allow detailed transaction histories and overall trade profit tracking, much in the same way EVE-Merchant does.  But this goes above and beyond that.  The service also allows detailed skill and asset tracking across all of your skill queues and all assets in New Eden.  Pretty handy for checking the status of sales or stock levels for station traders.

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There are only a few drawbacks that are apparent as of now:

  • The infancy of the project is pretty apparent, as there are a few bugs from time to time that hamper usage.
  • The need of a Full API key may deter more paranoid players.
  • The API information needs to be manually updated via the dashboard to see the most recent changes, It’s a minor hassle at worst though.

Some truly great things, aside form the obvious detail granted from the bevy of features:

  • It’s completely free, so ISK-conscious players can rest easy.
  • It’s being actively developed and the developer is quick to respond to issues.
  • The overall UI and usability is tight and very logical.  It’s a breeze to pick up and start using.

All in all EVE-Merchant is on the right track to becoming a must-have for any active player or dedicated trader.

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