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Path of Exile 3.0 Expansion Information Revealed


Coming off the heels of the massively popular Breach League, GGG has finally revealed the long-awaited revamp to the story of Path of Exile. The Fall of Oriath is upon us.

After years of players dealing with four acts repeated across three difficulties, Grinding Gear Games are ready for players to take the next step into a more fleshed out Path of Exile experience. The Act 4 ‘ending’ will remain canon, but players will now be tasked with dealing with the fallout of their actions. After all, you can’t kill a High Templar and destroy Evil incarnate without some fallout.

The new story additions will focus on two acts. Act 1 will follow the recognizable path through Wraeclast at first, and then diverge into new versions of existing areas that allow for a much smoother leveling experience. Since there’s no more difficulty switching perse, the new content will have to be much more balanced and streamlined, rather than just tougher enemies. Part 2 will see a completely new story arc as the player returns to their homeland of Oriath. The lower classes have risen in open revolt and the player will have to help them out. But the major draw for Part 2 is the return of the Gods of Wraeclast.

This might sound like a huge undertaking, but the system for Acts 6 to 10 is actually quite clever. As players progress from Act 6 to Act 10, they’ll see familiar locations, but the story and environments will have changed in various ways. Furthermore, the story will not culminate until the completion of Act 10. So even though the areas and some assets will be reused, it will be an entirely unique experience from start to finish. Don’t worry, Atlas of Worlds will still be there for endgame content but even high level players will need to complete the new story.

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Path of Exile 2.6 will begin the process of adding six new acts to the game overall, which will vastly change leveling and the build process for players. The addition of the new acts, piles of new items and skills, along with an interesting new Pantheon system will make for a vastly different came when Fall of Oriath finally comes out. Screenshots of the new expansion are already showing off new areas, monsters and a revamped UI.

The new Pantheon system looks to be a streamlined powerup system akin to the Ascendancy Points. No word yet on what the new Pantheon will change about the existing Ascendancy. As it’s quite obvious that the Labyrinth will be reworked or removed due to the massive changes in the leveling process.

Here is how it works: There are four major gods and 12 minor gods. When players kill a god they can select its power; one major and one minor power can be active at any time. Additionally, these powers can easily be swapped based on the needs of any given fight. These powers can also be improved by defeating powerful bosses in the map system.

Details are pretty light at the moment, but players can expect POE to be a completely different game in terms of story and mechanics in a few months.

The timeline for the massive changes to POE works like this:

February 14: The Fall of Oriath Announcement.
February 16: Legacy League/Content Update 2.6.0 full details.
March 3: Legacy League Starts.
Late April/Early May: The Fall of Oriath Beta begins.
June-July 2017: The Fall of Oriath full release.

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