Pokemon Sword and Shield: Where to Find the Bad League Staff Member

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Where to Find the Bad League Staff Member

Pokemon Sword and Shield have a ton of little challenges and simple puzzles scattered throughout. The game may have been streamlined for the Switch but it still has some of that old charm from the Game Boy era. There’s one puzzle near the end of the main game that seems to be frustrating some trainers. That quest involves finding the Bad League Staff Member in Wyndon.

Where to Find the Bad League Staff Member in Pokemon Sword and Shield

After you make it through the Champion Cup, you get stymied by the Chairman and his dastardly assistant. You need to get access to the Rose Tower, which in itself involves getting on the monorail. Trouble is, the Chairmain has entrusted the access key to Elite league staff for safekeeping, You need to work with Team Yell to get the key back.

Run back into the main area of Wyndon by the Fountain to start. You will see several League Staff around, but you’re after some specific ones.

Here are the three hiding spots you need to find in order to get the keycard and move on to the Championship. The NPC itself blends in a bit, so keep an eye out for these locales.

  1. Top-right of Wyndon main square, facing the wall.
  2. Left of Wyndon square fountain.
  3. In the red phone box, left of where you fought him last time.

Each time you find the Bad League Staff Member, he will trigger a Pokemon battle when you interact with him. There are no difficult dialogue puzzles involved though so it’s pretty easy.

Bad Staff Member Location 1

The first location will be going up from the Fountain. Look for the building with the purple brick walls. You will see the bad league staff member facing a wall. Select the dialog option to tell him you’ve already got the keys anyway, and he’ll turn around. Then you will have to fight your way through a battle. The trainer likes to use Steel-type Pokemon pretty regularly, with a few other types mixed in. Bring Fire and Fighting moves for a much easier fight.

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Bad League Staff Member 1st location

Bad Staff Member Location 2

Once you’re done with that first fight, the Bad League Staff Member will run off and hide again. Normally you would want to watch which direction he runs, but the solution is pretty simple. The second hiding spot can be easily spotted as, if you paid attention, you will notice that there’s a new person standing by the Fountain. The NPC you’re after is hiding alongside two other NPCs to the left of the water feature.

Bad League Staff Member 2nd location

Bad Staff Member Location 3

The final hiding spot is much harder to spot, again unless you really paid attention to the changes in the scene. After the second battle with the Trainer, he runs off again. Look for him inside the red phone booth just to the left. Interact with the red telephone box, and you’ll have to fight the bad staff member once more.

Once that’s done, you will need to head to the station to claim the key and move onto the final encounters of the game.

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