How to cure poisoning in Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep

With it being a new survival game on PS4 and Xbox One, console gamers are learning the hard way the dangerous world of Stranded Deep. There are many different dangers on these island paradises in a digital sea, with everything from storms to venomous creatures that can take out an unwary adventurer. The time spent in Stranded Deep will see you come up against many sicknesses as well, with one of the more lethal being poisoning in Stranded Deep.

There are a variety of animals on the islands that can inflict this deadly status on you. Sea Snakes, Sea Urchins, and Lionfish all have the ability to poison the player. The poison status effect shows up in one of two ways, both of which are pretty obvious to the player. A ‘poisoned’ status effect will appear on your wristwatch for one thing, but you will also notice that your health will start to slowly drain. So what do you do?

The cure for poison in Stranded Deep is, as you may have guessed, an Antidote. And just like anything else in this game, you will have to craft it yourself. You need two main materials to make the Antidote to cure poisoning in Stranded Deep.

These two materials are a Coconut Flask and a Pipi Plant.  The first step is to craft the flask, which is thankfully very simple and can be done early into the game. You will need one coconut and one lashing to make the Flask — you can learn how to make lashing in this guide — to produce a Coconut Flask.

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The Pipi Plants are much harder to come by though, as they are a random spawn across the island. Also, they don’t spawn in large quantities, so you will likely want to grab them whenever you see them. Pipi Plants spawn along the shoreline and are a mass of green leafy plants sprawling across the ground. The foliage is pretty distinctive, refer to the image below for an example of what to look for.

After getting both of the items together, you can now make the Antidote.

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