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Outriders surpasses 3.5 million players in one month

How to get Titanium in Outriders

Outriders is the next big thing in gaming this year. With this new game came some very interesting gameplay shifts that focus on offering a variety of experiences. There’s crafting and gathering scattered among the shooting action. All in all, it’s a very fun mix. And it seems like players agree. Since its launch in April, Outriders has captured a large following.

The game has already gotten more than 3.5 million people to play. For a new IP with a somewhat untested gameplay loop, it’s a pretty impressive number. Outriders consistently topped the Steam charts week after week as well, adding to its continued success.

“With over 3.5 million unique players, average playtimes of over 30 hours, and extremely high engagement for co-operative play, we and the amazing team at People Can Fly are so excited with this initial success,” said Jon Brooke, Co-Head of Studio at Square Enix External Studios.

They also made it pretty clear that their plan for the future is to build the best game they can. The developers fully know what kind of uphill battle they have, and they’re definitely not resting on their laurels.

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“Launching a new game IP is never easy, and we remain very grateful for the community’s support and feedback – we continue to listen carefully and want to assure everyone that we are committed to improving and enhancing the experience in the coming weeks and months. We also look forward to expanding on OUTRIDERS in the future.”

And with all this, comes plenty of support from the developers. The first major Outriders patch has brought out a bunch of bug fixes and other changes to the game. As fans expect, that was just the first of many. The game had a rough launch due to server issues, but seems to have bounced back pretty well.

Outriders is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Steam, Epic Games Store, Google Stadia, and GeForce Now.

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