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Missed the Event Quests in Monster Hunter World? Here’s how to replay them

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne New Tracking Ability

Are you like many Monster Hunter World players who just bought Iceborne and are wondering how to get the best armor sets? Did you read our “How to Prepare for Iceborne” guide too late and miss out on the event quests that granted the crucial Gamma sets? No worries, because the community has a way for some people to catch up on what they missed.

It’s important to keep in mind that these don’t work online, so don’t try to play them with friends. You run a serious risk of getting banned for using modded content online if it works at all, especially if said content completely mucks with Capcom’s intended experience. So keep these mods in the singleplayer mode exclusively.

A second note about this mod, the Kulve Taroth quests in some versions of this mod should not be used. They tend to crash for most users, and using them can corrupt your save file. There is allegedly a way around the Kulve Taroth crash though. If you’re in the air when the end quest cutscene plays, the rewards payout as normally intended. Although the timing is a bit finicky.

Just stick to the Event and Arena quests and you reduce your chances for catastrophic data loss. It’s important to know that there’s always a risk of this with mods, so backup your saves before trying this stuff. Finally, some other quests like the Contract: Woodland Spirit also don’t work with this mod, or at least they didn’t when I tested them.  Other quests that don’t require special cutscenes or scene changeswill work though.

With all that in mind, here’s how to install the mod.

First, you need to download two files. The All Event Quests Mod and the MHW Quest Loader.

The first step is installing the one required mod, the Quest Loader. This is a modded DLL that enables the game to load additional monsters and quests, without having to sacrifice the base game’s content. Just drop the DLL in the same folder as the game executable and you’re ready to add in new content, or in this case, old content. And in case you’re wondering, here’s a virus check for the file. And here’s a scan for the main mod file.

Once you’ve done that, unzip the All Event Quests Always archive, and drag and drop the nativePC folder onto the nativePC folder in your MHW directory, Windows should handle the shuffling of files. Once that’s done, head to the quest board in-game and look at the Optional 10★ Quests for the full list.

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Monster Hunter World Event Quests Mod

It’s important to note that Vortex, the Nexus Mods manager, does not support installing this mod setup directly, as the symlinking that tool uses breaks some functionality crucial to these mods. But if you’re using that tool, you already have the nativePC folder you need to drop the second set of files into, so it makes things easier. It’s possible to use Vortex to load other mods, and then boot MHW through Steam, and have the mods you have enabled through Vortex load in as intended alongside the Event Quests mod.

I personally tested doing the method above and booting the game directly through Vortex, and both seem to work. I played through a few runs of Greatest Jagras to test, and no crashing issues were encountered. Although it turns out that this and the Lavasioth event Quests don’t drop decorations sadly. Also, remember to update these mods whenever a new PC patch comes out, as the Quest Loader might break when an update changes game files.

For console players though, the event quests cannot be modded back in obviously, so you’ll just have to keep an eye on the standard Events board on the Capcom site. Although there is some good news on that front. For one thing, Capcom has fully integrated Iceborne with an Event Quests notification, allowing you to check the schedule while in-game. Secondly, the main site has also been updated with a new roster of Master Rank quests for the expansion, keep an eye on that as well.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, and will come out in January 2020 for PC. If you want to grab a copy, go over to Amazon to do just that.

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