How to romance Kelly in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

How to romance Kelly in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Yeoman Kelly is one of the many minor characters on the crew of the Normandy in Mass Effect 2. The new game means a continued storyline. And yes, you can import your old character for this second game. You could also bring over the characters from the non-remastered version. And with that, comes new romance options. With this second game, there are more romance options than in Mass Effect 1.

One of the new minor characters includes Yeoman Kelly, an added crew member that was given more story relevance in Mass Effect 2. And you can romance her too, and it’s pretty easy. To romance her, you need to always be positive and receptive to her advances. When she asks Shepard something, tell her what she wants to hear. Kelly can be romanced regardless of the gender of the player character.

And unlike the major character romances, Kelly is just a side fling. You can romance Kelly in Mass Effect without losing progress on your other romance options. When you get to the Normandy, you will find Yeoman on the bridge. have a conversation with her, select the “Are you happy here?” option, and then “We won’t”. When Kelly talks about closing her eyes and letting Shepherd catch her, choose the “I’d embrace you” to kick off the storyline.

After a few missions, keep checking in with Kelly. She can be invited to dinner by picking the “Let’s have dinner” option when she wants to spend time with Shepard. Now you need to get through the Collector base mission to continue the storyline. After the mission, speak with her and select “Are you okay?”

How to save Kelly in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Unfortunately, Kelly is one of the characters that can die at the end of the game, This is all based around the raid on the Collector base at the end of the game. To get to this point, you have to get through the Omega-4 Relay and get the IFF tag to get there. That means you need to put in some work. And to get through this whole thing alive, you need certain ship upgrades and have to have the proper IFF code from the derelict Reaper.

Getting the IFF code means that the crew is about to get kidnapped. So you must absolutely get all the prep work done before going after the IFF code. The only way to save Kelly is to head for the collector base as soon as the crew is kidnapped. if you don’t, part of the crew dies. And for every completed mission between the kidnapping and the actual raid reveal, you lose more crew.

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Getting these upgrades means that you need to harvest a bunch of resources from the planet scanning mini-game. Here are the ship upgrades you need to have on the Normandy before heading into the final mission.

  • Heavy Ship Armor – purchased from Jacob – 15,000 Palladium
  • Multicore Shielding – purchased from Tali – 15,000 Palladium
  • Thanix Cannon – purchased from Garrus – 15,000 Platinum

The later parts of the loyalty-based final mission mean the player needs to compose the proper team. The final mission means that you need to get in and get out with the right crew composition. Each area has a requirement, and you need to put a party member in charge of each section. The biggest prep you can do for this final mission is to complete as many loyalty missions as you can. Placing any disloyal character into the various sections will guarantee a failure in that section. This will likely kill that character and others too.

  • Vent Tech Specialist – Tali, Legion or Kasumi
  • 2nd Fire Team Lead – Miranda, Garrus, or Jacob
  • Biotic Specialist for Shield – Jack or Samara/Morinth
  • Distraction Fire Team Lead – Miranda, Garrus, or Jacob
  • Normandy Crew Escort – any loyal character

So to be able to romance Kelly in Mass Effect you have to have completed all the loyalty missions and have the proper upgrades for the Normandy before heading to the IFF mission and the Relay. So after you have made it through the Collector base mission, you can romance Kelly. When you return to the ship and ask her if she’s OK, there will be a message on your terminal. Go and see her to finish the plot.

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