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Multiplayer horror title, Dollhouse, launches on PS4 and PC

Horror Game Dollhouse's Story Trailer

Dollhouse, the terrifying mix of story and multiplayer fun from SOEDESCO and Creazn Studio, is out now on digital storefronts for PS4 and PC. And the PS4 version is even getting a physical release. So what is Dollhouse?

As we detailed in our previous coverage, this game is a bit special, as it’s not your typical “walking simulator” horror title. Dollhouse takes players on a psychological journey through a variety of creepy locales as the main character struggles to figure out what the heck has happened to her.

You play as lost detective Marie, as she suffers from amnesia, but she’s dedicated to her job. And her job is to both uncover the truth of what happened to her, and to survive. Plagued by trauma and the haunting death of her daughter, Marie will uncover shocking revelations about her past and future as she tries to survive the Dollhouse.

The multiplayer side of things is a lot more gruesome and horrifying. Yes, this game has a deep and engaging mulitplayer mode as well. In that mode, two to eight players take on a different task of murdering a specific target. Each player must murder another, and things won’t be easy for them either. There are 14 different characters to pick from, and each one is given their own unique abilities, of which there are more than 40 in the game. And players also have to evade the NPC mannequins that hunt the maps at all times.

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Both modes take advantage of a procedural map generation system to add theoretically unlimited replay value, which means that no run is the exact same a previous one.

Check out the newest trailer for the horror game down below. The game is out now for PS4 and PC.

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