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Guild Wars 2 River of Souls Guide

A ghostly realm that’s part of the iconic Hall of Chains raid, River of Souls is one of the more annoying points in the raid. Hall of Chains was released alongside the Living World chapter Daybreak on November 28th, 2017, and is the fifth raid added to the game. Many players have been bogged down here thanks to the irritating escort quest. Here’s a guide on how to get through this troublesome area as fast as possible.

What is the Guild Wars 2 River of Souls?

The River of Souls is a flow of spirits traveling through the Underworld and Realm of Torment. It has recently been redirected by Dhuum to empower him and give him the strength to break free into Tyria. During Nightfall, it was redirected in the Realm of Torment by Dhuum’s forces aiding Abaddon to feed their demonic armies.

How to get through Guild Wars 2 River of Souls

A few basic tips can be useful for getting through this phase. Use the basic tactics listed below to speed this up dramatically.

  • Keep some players around Desmina at all times, one healer at minimum.
  • Protection and Aegis are great for keeping hits from landing on Desmina.
  • Swiftness and Superspeed can help speed this part up, as well as protecting Desmina.
  • The rest of the group should run ahead and focus on killing Enervators and other dangerous mobs.

The River of Souls in GW2 is part of the second phase of the raid, and is wing 5 of the overall raid. Your goal is to escort Desmina across the chasm without getting wiped. There will be various enemies and obstacles in your path. At the start, Desmina will cloak herself in a protective bubble. The purpose of this bubble is to shed enemy debuffs. Fight from inside the bubble whenever possible.

Guild Wars 2 River of Souls Bubble

You will routinely be assailed by enemies from the front and rear of your raid group. Keep these sports away from Desmina, as she can be killed by them. If this happens, the raid is over. Also, if you go down; provided you don’t fall off the edge, you can come back. When you respawn as a ghost, collect the red spark orbs until you have enough to revive.

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Traps along the way

There will also be Spatial Rifts that spawn off the sides of the path. These rifts can pull players towards them. Puttin enough damage on them when they appear can disable them for a few seonds. Hit the Rifts 10 times to take them out any pass them by. Do this when you can. But you should always focus on the mobs around Desmina.

It’s very important that you watch out for the Enervators that spawn. These larger spirits block Desmina’s progress and shut down her bubble. When they pop up, put all available DPS on them. You can usually see them coming, so run ahead and take them out when you can.

Guild Wars 2 River of Souls Enervator

Along with all of that, comes a variety of AoE debuffs. These line debuffs can down players, so avoid them when you can. There are markers that will sometimes appear on players. These two-tiered circiles are a hidden time. When the inner circle fills, the AoE is planted in that spot, and players have until the outer circle fills to move. If you get a circle planted on you, run behind Desmina and drop it, and then back to the bubble to keep it out of players’ way.

The bubble can also damage the ghosts that spawn behind you, so it’s helpful to support the group protecting Desmina.

River of Souls Bomb Circle

Now just keep these tactics and the traps to avoid in mind and you’re golden. And there you have it, all the things you need to be aware of when running River of Souls, you’re welcome.

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