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Luminous Productions Reveals its First Project, But it’s Not a Game

Luminous Productions

A new project has been announced this week from Luminous Productions, the new studio headed by Hajime Tabata, will work with Japanese state-owned TV station TV NHK to create a documentary about the evolutionary development of humanity. The documentary will be titled: “The Birth of Humanity”.

Luminous Productions will provide technical support and visual work for the CGI graphics that will feature heavily in the project. The 4K high-definition CG will also include mocap work to recreate the movements and gesticulations of early primates.

The first episode will air in Japan on April 8th, the second on May 13th, and the third on June 10th. The visuals are already being praised as stunningly beautiful.

The plot is about the ancestors of humanity that were weak at the beginning, struggling to survive against competing species. Through ingenuity and creativity, these early ancestors shaped the course of human history by drastically changing the balance of power and the natural order in favor of humanity. This new documentary aims to recreate these ancestors and their environment in striking detail. Tabata himself has said that the project is hoping to create a documentary the likes of which has never been seen before. Let’s hope they can deliver.

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