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How to become a vampire in Elder Scrolls Online

How to become a vampire in Elder Scrolls Online

Vampires feature heavily throughout the fiction and historical influences of humanity. As people become more and more fascinated by the Vampires and the legends that spawned them, they slowly creep their way into more and more forms of entertainment. Video games are of course no exception either. Becoming a vampire in legendary Elder Scrolls games has long been a fixture of the franchise. Various games have made use of elements of vampire fiction throughout the years, and so does Elder Scrolls Online.

The key to becoming a vampire in ESO is pretty simple and can be obtained via a few different methods. As is the core of most vampire fiction, blood is that key. There are certain drawbacks to taking on this power in the game, so keep those in mind. And in case you still want to know, here is how to become a vampire in Elder Scrolls Online.

There are two methods to becoming a vampire, and both involve engaging with different game mechanics. To contract vampirism, you will need to be bitten by a vampire, this means you will need to seek out some Blood fiends.

The Blood fiends spawn in level 37-44 zones of each faction, which means they spawn in Bangkorai, the Rift, and Reaper’s March, in case you were wondering. The additional restriction to their spawning is that they only come out at night, around midnight in-game time. Once you find them though, there’s a chance you can be bitten and contract vampirism. To increase the likelihood of this happening, make sure you have no gear equipped which confers disease resistance, such gear will reduce the chance of becoming a vampire in Elder Scrolls Online.

There is one more method to make use of that can give you the ability you seek. Players who have vampirism in-game have a unique ability called Blood Ritual. This can be used to grant the curse to one player each week. You and the players who is already a vampire will need to visit a ritual shrine to perform the Blood ritual.

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