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A single BRAVE player took out a GSF structure in EVE Online

Brave Collective

Elwyn Raholan will be a name that goes down in this era of EVE Online history.

Late last month it was revealed that The Imperium, led by GoonSwarm Federation, would be ending their non-invasion agreement with Legacy, led by Test Alliance Please Ignore. The two coalitions have shared a rather mixed relationship in recent weeks, and after a two-week delay, the NIP expired this past week.

This agreement being dissolved that war is soon to follow between the two massive powers. As Legacy and various other third-party groups prepare to invade the Imperium home regions of Fountain and Delve, the war heated up much quicker than anyone could have expected. Border skirmishes and various small fights already happened in the following days, but something amazing happened yesterday.

A single pilot withing Brave Newbies Inc, the leading corporation of Brave Collective, had taken down an Infrastructure Hub all by themselves. They did this using a cheap Tier 1 Frigate and by being incredibly judicious with their use of Sovereignty mechanics and Entosis equipment. The Infrastructure Hub controls many of the system upgrades, so it’s a major upset for control of the area.

And I know what you’re thinking, who the heck is Elwyn Raholan.

Elwyn Raholan had just joined Brave Collective back in March of this year and has been playing the game since 2017. So it would seem that they have a very good grasp of Entosis mechanics, and were able to exercise that knowledge to effectively take control of an entire solar system away from the Imperium. The reaction of the EVE community has been pretty hyped up, with many celebrating this iconic move.

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The Entosis system is pretty complex, involving groups of players battling for control of a star system by using a special piece of equipment called an Entosis Link to attack a target structure to take control of it. Here’s a video from developer CCP explaining the mechanic in more detail.

The Imperium is notorious for defending its holdings in Delve and Fountain from attacks with overwhelming force. They will regularly drop supercapitals on invading gangs to scare them off. Although even though the system of Z-Y7R7 is all the way out in Cloud Ring, well away from the zone of Imperium control, sniping an IHub is still extremely difficult even for a large fleet. For a solo player to pull it off with such little help is incredible.

So in other words, there had better be some cheeky naming of Citadels in honor of this ballsy achievement. May I suggest Elwyn Raholan’s House of Beeswax.

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