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Legacy Coalition and Imperium ending NIP

EVE Online July 2018 Patch

A NIP, or non-invasion pact, is a pretty big thing when it comes to SOV warfare in EVE Online. Bloc-level entities in EVE Online often enter into various diplomatic agreements to protect their territory or help out in their endless wars. NIPs are usually used for the former. Two of the largest NullSec coalitions in the game, Legacy Coalition and Imperium, entered into such an agreement to protect their shared flank.

Legacy Coalition and Imperium dominate the southern regions of NullSec, with two alliances controlling the majority of the war and diplomatic tendencies of both groups. GoonSwarm Federation dominates the Imperium, while Test Alliance Please Ignore controls Legacy. These two alliances, and their shared members within their coalitions, have a long history in Nullsec.

During the infamous World War Bee, the Imperium was driven from the long-time home in the northern regions surrounding Deklein. Curiously, Test Alliance Please Ignore, Northern Coalition. and Pandemic Legion were among the many forces arrayed against the Imperium in that war. The Imperium lost many allies and was forced to retreat south after a short but intense campaign.

TEST and other alliance chased the Imperium to their new home in the southern region of Delve, intending to harass and delay their rebuilding efforts, but fortune had other plans. As the Imperium shambled back into a steady position, and Delve became a solid economic base, the piranha smelt blood back north. A series of border skirmishes and concentrated attacks on TEST infrastructure back in their northern holdings forced them into a more reserved posture. And eventually, the pressure became too much to handle.

Eventually, Test Alliance Please Ignore fled south jointing back up with some old friends like BRAVE Collective and took residence in the areas of Paragon Sol and Feythabolis. This was right next door to their old enemies in the Imperium. The two former enemy coalitions began to cool in their hostilities, soon coming to an agreement. The NIP between Legacy Coalition and Imperium has held for some time, and made both groups rather secure.

Now, TEST has announced that they have discussed the future with their allies and decided that peace is not in their best interest. No public statements have been made to confirm if TEST and Legacy will have any stated goals, or if a full-scale invasion is even going to occur. Although recent announcements from Imperium figurehead the Mittani suggest more going on behind the scenes. “Some idiots have decided to storm the gates of Fortress Delve,” said Mittani on Twitter.

The Reddit thread announcing the end of peace in the region is filled to brim with a mixture of excitement and speculation. The Imperium diplomats were passed the following message:

“At this time, we feel that it is in the best interest of both parties that our mutual NIP come to an END. Due to the conflict you are currently involved in and because of our history of cooperation and friendship I am proposing the NIP to end on the date of July the fifth to allow you two weeks to fortify your borders or any areas you feel would require it. If you intend to end the NIP before that time we will understand. “

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