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LEAK: Kadeshi Ally Update


We are now only 5 days away from one of the most game changing patches in EVE for a long time and there is a lot to do plus the fact that we are involved in a war and taking a new region at the same time. Its been a very busy month and personally i think i’m gonna need a vacation when we are done with this ;D

Delve or Tenerifis or both?

A lot of you guys has wondered what will happen post patch and what will happen with Tenerifis now that we got space in Delve. Reason that i haven’t really answered that question is that up until now we haven’t really decided on what to do about Delve. The original plan was to take the space in Delve as a proxy empire that we could use for PVP, ratting and other stuff while having industry and a place to fall back on in Tenerifis. During the last few weeks things has developed and finally N3 seems to have a real plan on what to do post patch and its gonna be a lot of changes. The entire border of N3 will change and i can’t go into details on how it will look but a lot people will be moved around and its only reasonable that we at some point will have to give up some of our space in Tenerifis for someone else that could use it in a better way with us having a lot good space in Delve.
With these changes that are coming to N3 it has a lot better chance to survive post patch and it also makes more sense to move our main home to Delve and keep our Tenerifis space as a fallback position. We will keep our capital and subcapital ship cache in Tenerifis and jump clones to make sure that we can defend it against anyone trying take our space or threaten our assets. If you want to leave a ratting carrier or some other ratting ships or other stuff you can do that and you can continue to use our space in Tenerifis if you feel like doing that. But the main home of Kadeshi will be moved to Delve post patch. However we will keep corp/alliance moons and stuff in and around tenerifis so make sure you have ships needed to maintain that even after the patch. Set up jump clones and other stuff needed to take care of that. Alliance will continue to supply fuel blocks and other stuff our R64s that we hold in Tenerifis.

Why Delve?

After the last war when we lost all our space and then we somehow got it all back.. and so much more.. Kadeshi’s home has been lost in a sea of blue shit.. no hostiles for regions away.. personally i haven’t set a foot in our home for months.. why? Because it boring as fuck.. i miss the days when we had hostiles next door.. where we could pvp from our home all the time without taking tons of jump bridges and shit to get somewhere.. with a move to Delve Kadeshi could once again be in a border region where we have hostiles close by where we can get fights and have some fun again. Also this patch is about a new beginning for EVE.. and why not take this chance to make a fresh start for us.. embark on a new adventure for Kadeshi. This is why i feel that we should take this chance to make something new for ourselves. I know this might seem scary and it will involve a lot hard work but it will make us stronger in the long run and it is the right choice for us. This will give us a chance to get PVP without being forced to deploy to the other side of EVE and in the new EVE post patch that won’t really be possible in the same way anymore.. and those that does not adapt will die.
This hasn’t been an easy decision to make tho and it has involved a lot soul searching and thought. Kadeshi’s home has been in the south for a long time so its a big change for us in Kadeshi.. its however not the first time that we have thought about doing something different but then we got our old space back again and well then it isn’t so easy to make that leap and make those dreams a reality. We have that chance now and this time we will take that leap and i hope you will take it with me.
I have also talked to a lot diffrent people in the alliance and it became clear to me that i was not alone in thinking that Delve would be a better choice for us to call home. In fact most of the main corps of Kadeshi had already decided that Delve was the better choice and had seen the writing on the wall and was packed and ready to move. So it feels like this change came naturally in a way.

What do i do if i have stuff in Tenerifis?

As i said last week before we went on that 3 day break, no matter what you should get any bigger stuff out of Tenerifis before the patch. If you have bulky stuff that will take many jfs to get out post patch u need to get it out now. Same with supers.. and if you still haven’t moved yours and you want into Delve contact Zeta, Agame or me and we will tell you where to go with it.. for those that for some reason won’t have time or can’t make it we will do what we can to help you post patch.. but moving is going to be a pain and be dangerous but it is possible to do it. But try to talk to your corp m8s and have them help you if possible. If you have a corp m8 that has been afk for some time it is now time go call them or text or something and get them online for the next week so that we can get them moved safely.
We will using Sunday to do a lot of moving and shit, make sure to be around then.
Move any non essential stuff to Sakht and rest we will move to K-6 for now in Delve.

The defense of Tenerifis

As i have mentioned we have no plans on leaving Tenerifis undefended. If someone shows up and knocks on our summer home we gonna burn them down. For this reason i have had 200 battleships built in M-R in Tenerifis. We also have caps staged there and we will use this to defend our sov in Tenerifis and any assets we have there.
I will shortly set up contract in M-R for Hyperions/Scorps and Geddon for our Tenerifis defense fleet in M-R. They gonna be dirt cheap.. so not gonna waste your isk.
A big part of being able to defend what N3 will have in the south will be to have jump clones installed in the right systems. Here is a list of those systems..

– M-R in Tenerifis – Very important

– 02V – in Esotera

– 94FR – Immenasa

– Sahkt – Aridia (Might be changed before the patch to a delve system)

– K-6 – Delve – For now anyway

We might add one additional system that N3 want us to be in closer to our northern border.

Final words

If you have any additional questions about this feel free to leave them here.. or ask your corp leaderships and they will forward your questions to me. I know that some might not like changes and might be afraid of this but i hope you will give it chance before burning it down.

tl;dr We don’t want the sea of shit blues but we’ll fight to death to defend it all over the map.

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