Far Cry 5 Grizzly Bear Location


Far Cry 5 is filled with things to do. Whether it’s hunting, fishing or shooting religious wackos, the game has a lot of really crazy tasks to complete. The Montana forests and mountains around the game world are teeming with wildlife as well, and you get to hunt them if that’s your thing. However, sometimes it’s not optional. There are a few times in the game when you need to go take on some quarry. On one mission, you’re hunting down several bears. And these folks aren’t the sweet honey-loving kind.

You get the mission from Dr. Charles Lindey, in Hope County Jail, once you get deeper into the story. To unlock the quest to hunt three Grizzly bears, you need to have completed the Doctor’s Orders quest. From there, you get tasked with hunting down some very angry Far Cry 5 Grizzly Bear.

Far Cry 5 Grizzly Bear Location

A very reliable spawn point for Far Cry 5 Grizzly Bear is the area around the F.A.N.G Center in Jacob’s region. Head out west from the main buildings in the area and head past the Mocassin River. There will be a very mountainous region nearby, that’s where you should try looking for these rather large predators.

Thing is, you better come prepared. Hunting these large beasts is very dangerous, so come heavily armed and ready for a fight. The key is to not let it get too close before you take it down. Bring your trusty friend Boomer along to tag and track your prey to make the process easier. Also, having a high caliber weapon will make it much easier to take down a Far Cry 5 Grizzly Bear. Might I suggest a heavy machine gun or sniper rifle?

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You will know you’re close when you hear loud screams and roars going off in this area. Someone is probably about the be lunch for a hungry bear when you hear that. Stalk your way in and take the shot when you can. Although you should count on having to put a few rounds into the beast before it goes down. If you get there in time and save the hapless civvie, you will even earn some Resistance Points.

Be cautious and be sure to verify your target before chasing down and engaging them. The Alpha Black Bear also roams this area, and is much tougher, and will probably make a snack out of the ill-prepared.

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