How to do Celebrations and Taunts in Madden 22

When is the Madden 22 release date?

Celebrations and Taunts in Madden 22 are a big part of the game. Whenever you make some big breakout, it’s a huge moment. Whether you’re dominating the game or catching up with a big play. You always have some room for trash talk. Psyching out the competition will be pretty useful. If you want to do that, that’s where Celebrations and Taunts in Madden 22 come in.

If you want to get over the competition, the process relies on celebrations. You can do this whenever you score in-game. These celebrations even involve fans and special circumstances. This should all make the game feel a bit more alive than in previous years. Here’s what to do. Here’s a guide on how to do celebrations and taunts in Madden 22.

Madden 22 Running and Endzone Celebrations

There are two primary types of celebrations you can use. When you’re running into the endzone, you can trigger a specific set of taunts. You also have a set for when you get into the endzone. Here’s how to do running celebrations and endzone celebrations in Madden 22:

  • Running Celebrations – Press/Hold L2/R2/X (for PlayStation), or LT/RT/A (for Xbox).  The ball carrier will begin the celebration or taunt as they move down the field. You can also hit L2/Square for PlayStation or LT/X for Xbox to trigger the next phase. That’s where endzone celebrations happen.
  • Endzone Celebrations – Once you’ve crossed the goal line, you can also flick the analog stick in one direction. This will trigger a specific type of touchdown celebration for that player that was carrying the ball. Many teams and players have their own versions, so feel free to experiment.
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Be careful when timing Running variants, as you can still be tackled. If you trigger a running celebration or taunt, only do it when you have no defenders around you, or you’re putting the drive at risk. This also makes it much easier to force a fumble if a player catches you mid-celebration.

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