Immortals Fenyx Rising Missing Godly Powers Guide

Immortals Fenyx Rising Missing Godly Powers Guide

Certain puzzles in Immortals Fenyx Rising require a specific solution. Players will notice that the game loves these kinds of hunt puzzles. You have to go out and find the required item or power to progress. These particular puzzles are often centered around the idea of getting certain character upgrades, Missing Godly Powers. To get through these puzzles and the entire game, you need to find them.

You will unlock these powers at the River Styx Cistern, along with your general skills in the game. The progress you make in both unlock trees is dependent on how much progress you have made in the main story. You will want to constantly be exploring around the map as items and upgrades can be hidden everywhere. To that end, there are some movement-based God Powers that are very helpful, but more on that later.

As you get through the game’s story, certain quests will hand you the first few Missing Godly Powers. If you get through the Prologue, the first few will unlock, but keep playing. You will unlock both Herakles’s Strength and Apollo’s Arrows by making it through the tutorial. From there you need to complete the Bolt From The Blue quest to unlock Phosphor’s Attack. This one is key to making it through the game.

Once you have the base power unlocked, progress through the game and unlock the upgrade called Phosphor’s Clone. This allows Fenyx to create a clone of himself, which is used in solving certain puzzles. You can even use said clone for attacks in some instances.  For puzzles though, you might want to focus on certain upgrade trees, but there’s not an entirely set progression path. There are some very helpful Missing Godly Powers though, and we’re going to talk about those now.

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These are some of the best abilities in the game to unlock ASAP. Having a good set of movement abilities is key in both combat and puzzles, that’s where the  Dash and Leal listed below come in. The Hammer and Wrath abilities give you great utility in a boss fight and make it incredibly easy to get through some of the tougher challenges.

Best Godly Powers to Unlock Early

  • Hephaistos’s Hammer
  • Herakles’s Leap
  • Ares’s Wrath
  • Athena’s Dash

Other abilities like Heavy Lifting will also be needed for some puzzles as you will need that to remove certain obstacles. You will also have access to a really good attack ability with Hephaistos’s Hammer, which deals a huge AoE attack out that crushes foes.

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