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Master Chief joins Fortnite with new Halo content

Master Chief joins Fortnite

In another epic crossover, Halo‘s Master Chief has joined the ranks of the new roster of playable characters and NPCs in Fortnite. The ongoing battle with the Zero Point incident has a lot of attention with all the new NPCs and bounties, but now we fans have something else to chew on. During The Game Awards this week players got the announcement that Master Chief has returned to wage war in another game. The reveal even took some digs at the infamous Doritos ad that many internet denizens will be familiar with at this point. I mean, having Master Chief walk out of a fridge is pretty funny.

In a pair of trailers, the collab was announced during The Game Awards, with Doritos Pope himself introducing the launch. Said trailers also include homages to the reveal of the original game of the massive SPARTAN II. Coming out of a cryo pod is a bit like a fridge right?

The biggest component is a new skin and some new cosmetic items. There’s a new skin of the SPARTAN II and more, including a Warthog modeled after the iconic SUV from the games. The trailer also showed off a few skits that borrowed from other elements of the legacy of Halo. We even get to see the legendary streamer Ninja joining with Rooster Teeth staff for this trailer. Together, they introduced the iconic Blood Gulch multiplayer map to Fortnite custom games that gives players something new to do.

So if you want to hop into Blood Gulch and relive some nostalgia, this isn’t half bad. You just have to do it in Fortnite.


You can grab the iconic skin for 1,500 V-Bucks, and the $12 price tag gets you a very clear and fun skin, but there’s much more. Those that buy into the pack also get a UNSC Pelican glider, a Gravity Hammer Pickaxe, and a Lil’ Warthog traversal emote. So you can cruise around like the UNSC in style. So if you want to get in on that, it’s live now in the game.

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