How to find lush worlds in No Man’s Sky

How to find lush worlds in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky prides itself on a vast and ever-changing universe. There are many different kinds of unique systems and planets to find in this repeating universe, and one is very important to exploration in this game. These verdant planets have large forests and tons of animals on them. If you’re looking to discover new and interesting life, find some undiscovered Lush planets. Lush planets are the most desirable for many players, and that exploration and richness is why. Here’s how to find lush worlds in No Man’s Sky.

How to find Lush Worlds

To be able to find lush worlds in No Man’s Sky, you have to be able to complete the Atlas Rises storyline. This is the main story of the game essentially, and it unlocks the ability to start your galaxy anew. This is the key part to finding a certain planet type. The final mission in the Atlas Rises storyline is called the Purge, and you must find and activate a portal that leads to the core of the current galaxy.

This will trigger the New Beginnings mission and this is very important. Once there, an AI reveals that it has created a new simulation for you to enter. Each choice here carries its own modifiers, as the galaxy will be weighted towards spawning certain planet types based on your choice.

How to find lush worlds in No Man’s Sky

Choose the green pedestal to trigger a new loop, and enter a Lush Galaxy.

Lush galaxy is a galaxy type and it is referred to in-game as Halcyon, Inspiring, Serene or Tranquil galaxy. These galaxies have a variety of biomes that may be more common. You can find tons of Lush planets here, they will be the most common biome type in this galaxy. As a balancing thing, the biomes here also have a higher chance to be Barren biomes in some systems. Yellow systems are the ones that have these higher modifiers.

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Yellow stars in Norm and Harsh galaxies have 2x higher chance to have lush planets, yellow stars in Lush galaxies have 4x higher chance, and yellow stars in Empty galaxies have the same chance as other star types.

Worlds with lush biomes are much more visually striking, thanks to their verdant forests and other noticeable features. The Origins update also added some telltale signs that these worlds are being corrupted. Some unseen force appears to be slowly consuming or destroying the flora and fauna of these once beautiful worlds. You will find exotic ruins and bioluminescent grass and flora on these corrupted worlds.

What’s good about Lush Worlds?

The biggest advantage about these worlds is that environmental hazards are minimal. The demand for these planets for bases is pretty high as a result. Whether you’re playing solo or with a group, Lush worlds are also sometimes a great source for resources if you’re heavy into trading. So get out there and find one to set up your new base.

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