How to Build a Roof in Project Zomboid

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The zombie sim, Project Zomboid might seem like a simple isometric adventure, I promise it’s much more than just a basic zombie game. Players must explore a randomized map dodging and fighting back zombie hordes, all while fighting for survival. The game has both singleplayer and multiplayer modes, and the building and survival aspects are core to both.

There is a mix of different skills in the game you can use to make all kinds of structures, clothing and weapons.  In Project Zomboid, the player can also build their own buildings and furniture through the Carpentry skill. The most basic commodity you need in any survival scenario is food, and after that, shelter. Keeping yourself sheltered from the cold and the rain is key to not dying of exposure. And this game is trying to kill you in myriad ways.

What do you need?

You need to focus on getting Carpentry  Getting some basic tools like Nails, a hammer and a few other items is key. You can use the basic tools you find around to craft wood and other materials, even salvaging them from built structures. The real challenge is learning how to make the recipes you need.

Because of the way the game works, you need to be on top of the building you wish to build the roof onto. You’re technically building a floor instead of a roof, just on top of the building. This is why there are two recipes that you can use: the Metal Roof and the Wooden Floor.

The Metal Roof can be learned from the Metalwork Magazine Vol.1 book. You need a Propane Torch and Welding Mask to make it. The recipe uses 1x Welding Rod, 1x Scrap Metal and 1x Small Sheet Metal. Another recipe useful for making a roof in Project Zomboid is the Wooden Floor. The Wooden Floor recipe can be unlocked at Carpentry skill level 1, and needs a Hammer to make. 1x Nail and 1x Plank are used in making each square of flooring.

Once you have your recipe unlocked and materials gathered, it’s time to work

How to Build a Roof in Project Zomboid

When you want to build anything in this game, the right-click menu is your friend. When you need to build a structure, start by right-clicking and selecting Carpentry from the options. Start by placing a simple four walls, and build them to the corners, connecting them. When you have the basic structure built, you can finally make a roof in PZ.

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You must build a staircase in order to build a roof.

How to Build a Roof in Project Zomboid

Like I said, the isometric camera only allows the player to build on the same Z-level their currently on. So you have to be on top of the building you want to seal up to roof it. When you build the stairs a single square of flooring is automatically placed at the top. Be sure to bring enough wood to build out from that one square. Keep building floors/roofing until you have finished the roof. Also, some players like to build supports on the base floor, this can help the roof stay up. Although you can turn off roof collapses in the game settings.

Finishing up

Once you have built the final piece of roofing, you can get down via the stairs, or there’s another trick some people use. by building a single wall on top of the roof with a window in it, you can actually repel down. build the Wall with a Window in it, then use sheets to make a rope. Use a nail and hammer to affix the rope, then use the rope to climb down. This way, you can destroy the stairs ahead of time and then seal the roof entirely. The reason some players do this is that they can then retreat to the roof when their base is overrun, and the zombies can’t follow.

Keep in mind a couple of things while doing this. One, you can fall off the roof. Walking too close to the edge can drop you to the floor below, seriously injuring you. Be careful of where you step as well. Also, you can salvage materials from various sources. Doors and walls can be broken down to get planks and nails from them. Breaking down houses that have been cleared of zombies is a great way to make a base. Be careful not to get crushed by falling junk, though.

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