BNI Birthday Bash [OP Success]


In a quite memorable night, BNI, it’s leadership, Dropbears, J3B, Brave Dojo volunteers, and a few hundred bros made sure to start off the BNI Birthday bash by having a bunch of newbros blow each other up in a wormhole brawl in atrons. I personally took part, and was quickly mobbed by 4 bros.  Glorious deaths were had by all.  Big shout out to Kira and the rest of the volunteers for a quite hilarious fight. Complete with 150 newbros getting stabbed in the back by a group of neutrals. (Thanks Blue-Fire) The thread can be found here on Reddit. Heck, even the journey to the wormhole was filled with excitement as Corebloodbrothers, FC for ProviBloc committed to scaring us with gatecamps, leading to the creation of “THANK YOU CORE/COREY/CORPS/whaetever-the-fuck” spam the likes of which New Eden has never seen.

Shout out to the winner. . .Wujastic

But that’s not all.  The following BNI Historical roam led by Kira, then later CEO Lychton Kondur was a highlight reel of local and corp mail spam, Dunk flying a Chimera named “INSURANCE CLAIM”., and a failed attempt to welp by a drunken Lychton.  Which did come back to bite him in the ass after he lifted corp mail restrictions for one hour.  Resulting in more than 400 spam emails being sent out.  The “BING!” notifications echoed across New Eden all night long, ‘Twas glorious.

This was Lychton’s response via alliance mails

So I accidnetally told BNI that they could mail whomever for an hour with no restrictions, but now my notifications are killing me and I hear PINP PINGPINGPING repeatedtly.

Help me stop this please.


As expected, trying to tell stories about the history of BNI in comms came along with plenty of interruptions and desperate attempts by Kira to herd the kids and stay on topic.  But I get the feeling that this being EVE and BNI, this is a cultural victory for BNI. After roaming from GE-8JV all the way down to Barleguet, stopping at the various former home systems of BNI, We got the first and only fight of the roam.  Squaring off against a Battleship fleet with Archon support, formed from a mix of Overload Everything and Psychotic Tendencies.  As expected the kitchen sink BNI fleet took some heavy losses, but was able to take down a Megathron.

While bouncing about low and high security space, spamming Ke$ha gifs and recruitment ads in local, it seemed no one wanted to interrupt our fun by killing us all.  I guess they all wanted their dirt and glitter covered present from BNI.

Here’s your Lychton-approved present

As the fleet made it’s way slowly back to Catch , after running from a Provi ANI fleet, little action was had.  Aside from pissing everyone off with spam of course.  Sadly, a few of us actually made it back to GE- like a bunch of pansies.  But not welping aside, it was an amazing night befitting of BNI.

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