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Warframe Beasts of the Sanctuary

Warframe is an incredible game. With all of its depth and various mechanics, the free-to-play game has been exploding in popularity since 2013. Digital Extremes has been slowly augmenting the sci-fi video game with tons of additional content every few months. There are dozens of missions to undertake, so for a free-to-play game, it has a ton of content.

The real secret sauce is the incredibly deep and engaging crafting gameplay that involves a ton of farming. The Master Rank systems also tie into this to give new and old players a bunch of goals to achieve and potentially endless gameplay opportunities. This alone would be enough to sell many gamers, as a free game with tons of depth is really appealing. But, Digital Extremes didn’t stop there.

A Fair and Honest Free-to-Play

Warframe has one major advantage over other free-to-play multiplayer games. The monetization system isn’t a freaking nightmare.

The majority of the content that can be purchased via Platinum exchanged for real money is entirely cosmetic. Sure, you can buy weapons and Warframes with Platinum, but they’re a really terrible deal. And with the way DE handles the Vault and Void Relics, there are always opportunities to get your hands on the ultra-powerful Primed variants of weapons and Warframes.

And speaking of cosmetics, Warframe also has a rather fetching customization system. Players can deck out their gear and avatars with a wide array of colors and addons, to create the truly unique look, but also get to decorate their ships and make their home among the stars truly their own.

Engaging Story and Gameplay

The story contained within this game is broken up across various missions, with the developer making clever use of limited assets and ingenuity to make it so that the player feels like each environment and enemy design is unique. The lore dumped onto the player throughout the story is intricate and actually kind of surprising. And with the community making a concerted effort not to spoil new players, there’s plenty of reason to be invested in the story of the Tenno.

You take on the role of these mysterious Tenno, learning more and more about your past and the state of the solar system as you go about your adventures. Each step along the way introduces new characters, some of whom have become meme-worthy in their own right.

The missions and enemy types are challenging in their own unique ways as well, keeping each experience feeling unique and fresh across your time with Warframe. The process of increasing Mastery Rank by leveling up weapons and Warframes also opens up new opportunities within the game. Through the intricate Mod system, players can augment their gear with new effects, more damage and just make everything cooler. If you’re looking for a game that rewards loyalty and planning, here’s your ideal choice.

Always Something New

The developers have done an admirable job of keeping new content incoming. By introducing new mission types, and even open-world areas like Fortuna, there has been a little something for everyone streaming into the world of Warframe with every patch. If you like space battles, there is something for you to enjoy in the Railjack.

If you like zipping around being a stealthy ninja that disrupts the enemy, the Sabotage missions combined with the fluid movement system of “bullet jumping” is for you. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys gathering and crafting, the Mining and Hunting on the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Valis my be your kind of thing.

Warframe is out now on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. If you want to give this game a try, use our referral link and you will get a 7-day Affinity booster that will give you extra experience, making it easier to unlock the potential of your weapons and Warframes.

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