How to Use Search Mode to Forage in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is one of the best zombie games out there. The customization possible in the isometric adventure is nearly limitless, and it takes a lot of getting used to. These massive maps are filled with loot and the undead, and you have to survive. There’s a massive pool of skills and items to master, and a ton of mods make even more. The recent launch of Build 41.60 added a bunch of new stuff. There’s the new multiplayer function, finally!

Another new feature is search mode in Project Zomboid. This special function places the player’s character into a special mode that helps them spot loot and hidden items. This is tied to a new Foraging skill in the game. As you level up Foraging, you can find more and rarer items.

What is search mode in Project Zomboid?

By utilizing the new search mode in Project Zomboid, players can do a few different things. You can not only find hidden items and forage for new loot; but it’s also possible to spot small loot, like car keys, that you might have missed. When you look at the in-game UI post-update, you may notice that new magnifying glass on the left-hand side. This is the button to trigger Search Mode.

Clicking the icon will bring up a new window with Investigate Area at the top. Your player model will also have a noticeable eye icon over their head. The investigate area popup gives you an overview of the area. The silhouette shown in the menu is determined by where you’re foraging. Also, you will get a glimpse at the sun and the weather in this areas. The lower the sun is in the menu, the later time it is. Search Mode in PZ is directly tied to the Foraging system.

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How does Foraging work?

Like any other skill in the game, Foraging in PZ has 10 levels. Certain items can only be found at certain skill levels. Also, certain items can only be foraged, they will not spawn in normal containers. There are a few things to remember about all of this. You will only gain foraging experience when you Pick Up Items or Discard Items. So you need to actually gather items to increase in levels. At early levels, you will only spot the most obvious items.

Foraging in Project Zomboid

That doesn’t mean it’s not worth using. You can spot car keys even at lower levels. If you need to make a quick getaway, try spotting some keys on the ground. As mentioned in one of the official blog posts for the new foraging system, the types of items found will depend on where you search. If you’re out in the woods, don’t expect to find car parts. You can find food items and basic materials in such a location though.

Everything you find will be marked with a small black icon over it. If you don’t know what it is yet, the new icon will have a question mark. If you get close enough, you might see the icon change to something more clear.

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