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A few hours ago, the latest episode of CCP’s o7 live show aired. While nothing earth-shattering was announced, there were a few things worth noting. The biggest among these are the upcoming changes to corp management within EVE. The bombshell hit when CCP Punkturis mentioned that CCP intends to add an option for corps to toggle whether friendly fire without CONCORD intervention will be allowed within the corp. This seems to spell an end for AWOXing that relied on these corpmate-versus-corpmate attacks always being allowed. The first of these changes, mostly “little things” fixes, are coming in February.

The next interesting thing involved changes to the ship skinning system. The current system involves using blueprints bought from the in-game store to transform an existing ship into another ship model entirely. Once the skinned ship is destroyed, you would need another blueprint to get new ship with your favorite skin. CCP intends to change this system so that a skin is purchased as a license, allowing the license owner to skin the appropriate ship repeatedly and instantly without blueprints. In theory, a player could switch between the skins they own on the fly, all through options in the fitting window. This will allow players in wormhole space to use ship skins and allow skin changing while undocked. There was no specific release date associated with this change.

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Lastly, CCP announced that the Minmatar Tactical Destroyer would be coming in the February update. No statistics for the ship were given, though they did show a concept sketch of the ship.

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