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The Scope – Lai Dai supply convoy ambushed!


This weeks Scope News report focuses on an attack on Lai Dai corporation assets. The footage ostensibly shows ships of Caldari origin engaging and destroying the convoy. Said convoy was believed to be carrying assembly materials for Guardian Logistics cruisers, the same ones having been ordered by the Amarr Throne Worlds fleet for defensive purposes.

With reports of increased Drifter activity, and some early information showing potential Drifter Incursions on the way, it will be interesting to see the impact this will have.

Ticker Transript:

Directive Enforcement Department Patrol suffers extensive losses after engagement with unidentified strikeforce in Venal

President Roden to visit Ishukone Administrative Headquarters on Caldari Prime for review of joint Caldari/Gallente administration and opening of Yanala Memorial Spaceport and Transit Hub in Arcurio

Chief Executive Panel condemns attack on Lai Dai convoy

Northern Coalition defends claims to sovereignty in Catch

Empress Jamyl Sarum I confirmed to attend dedication ceremony at Mekhios Graveyard this weekend

Capsuleeers announce memorial service for late Dr. Hilen Tukoss to be held on July 26 Further use of super-kerr induced nano coating seen as sales of marking profiles skyrocket

Religious extremists continue to disseminate information regarding ‘the Book of Bob’ Amarr navy Royal Shipyard confirms arrival of Inner…

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