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Battlefield 5 roadmap confirms new map and more content this Summer

Battlefield V's Firestorm Battle Royale Trailer

So Battlefield V has been around for a few months now, and DICE and EA have been steadily dropping new content into the FPS with new game modes, maps and other additions.

There’s a plan for another three major DLC Chapters, each with their own setup for new content coming to both the singleplayer and multiplayer elements of the game.

Battlefield V already has it’s new 64-player battle royale mode, Firestorm, this week. that mode brings plenty of action to the FPS scene, but DICE and EA aren’t content with just stopping there. In a new blog post from the development team, DICE has outlined their plan for the next three months of new content.

Alongside that third chapter though is a handful of new additions aside from the battle royale mode. There’s a new map coming to multiplayer modes. Called Mercury, the map is set in the Mediterranean island of Crete (Greece), based on Operation Mercury. The other major addition with Trial by Fire is a game mode called Grind, which is a much more chaotic version of the Conquest base mode.

First up, after the conclusion of Chapter 3 and the Trial by Fire update this Summer, June will see the launch of  Chapter 4, Defying the Odds. Chapter 4 brings in more of the same type of content as Chapter 3, when it launches this Summer.

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The first new piece of content is a brand new map called Marita which is set in 1940. We can also expect new modes and other additional changes to Battlefield V with this batch of new updates, but more details have not been revealed yet.

EA and DICE have not revealed anymore details about this fifth chapter yet, so it will probably be a while before we hear more about that. Although we do know that Chapter 5 will begin this Fall with more new content.

Battlefield V is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Check out the preview image from DICE showing off the plan for the new content down below:

Battlefield V Roadmap



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