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Warframe reveals Nightwave Week 9 Quests

Warframe Nightwave Update 1 Live

Nightwave, the latest themed content block for Warframe, has been out for a couple of months now, and a bunch of new players are looking for guidance on what to do to earn those fancy rewards. It’s simple, complete quests attached to the content. The easiest way to do this is to simply push for completing each set of weekly event quests, and with the new week, comes a new bundle of tasks.

The New Quests

We’re back again this week with another batch of faction quests for Emissary standing. This can be traded for various rewards, and is gained through a variety of weekly quests aimed at both new an veteran players. Digital Extremes has put in a completely new batch of content to deal with, granting standing based on the difficulty of each task.

Literally the easiest of the weekly quests this time around. Mobile Defense missions are very easy overall. If you want to maximize farming potential for this, be sure to combine Mobile Defense runs with Fissures or Sorties.  Since you have a week to run through these tasks, you can likely afford to take your time. If you’re a new player, feel free to do any easy mission to get it out of the way though.

After completing the Vox Solaris quest in Fortuna you will be rewarded with your first K-Drive. Equip it into your gear wheel and head into Orb Vallis.  There are multiple locations, 22 in all, so you’ll need to take some time to learn each course. Keep in mind that you don’t have to win to get a completion, just make it to the end. Take your time and learn the courses if you’re a newer player.

Head down to Cetus (Earth), buy yourself a Fishing Spear and some bait from ‘Fisher Hai-Luk’ and then head out to the Plains of Eidolon. The bait you brought and the spear you use can impact which spawns you get though,

This is a pretty grindy quest, as you first have to complete missions for all six of the main factions. You only need Rank 1, so it’s not too much of a grind though. Keep an eye out for Syndicate Medallions when running these missions too, as those can be traded for more standing. Once you meet that requirement though, you can just use the Syndicate tab on your Star Chart to find the missions you need to run. A good Volt build can help with blitzing missions, but since the mission type can be random, things can get complicated with targeting your build.

Warframe Nightwave Week 9 Vault Looter

Running Vaults is kind of tough for newer players in Warframe. To get into the mission, you need to craft the blueprints for the Orokin Derelict missions first. To open the Vault once you’ve found it you will need to equip and bring a so-called ‘Dragon Key’ to the door. Which key is needed is totally random, this makes it a bit of a grind.

Elite Weekly Quests

Warframe Nightwave Week 9

This quest is aimed at multiplayer runs on the special Index zone. Balancing your weapon loadout and the composition of the frames on your team is key here. The general idea is to kill enemies as fast as possible and collect the points they carry. It can be done solo, but requires a high-level Rhino or other tanky frame that can easily hold multiple points. A good CC frame can help balance out a team by helping control the movement of target enemies.

Warframe Nightwave Week 9 Hold Your Breath

This one is a bit easier than the previous Elite task. An experienced player can blitz through the special enemies by using the Void Dash, allowing them to bypass most of the challenge. Just find the Kuva enemy and take it down. Pick up the Kuva Key it drops and head to a Life Support Module. Use the Kuva Key, defend the console while it ticks down, then repeat for each console.

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