GGG Issues Changes to Leagues Ahead of Fall of Oriath


Grinding Gear Games announced earlier this month that it will be extending Path of Exile’s legacy leagues through beta, contrary to plans it made last week. “Last week we posted a Beta FAQ where we mentioned that we were planning to run some events between the end of the Legacy League and the full release of The Fall of Oriath,” says GGG.

There has been overwhelming feedback that the community would like us to extend the Legacy Leagues during the Beta so that continuing to play Legacy characters and find Relics would be an additional option. We have decided to do so.

The Beta FAQ writeup can be found here.

To add to the coming changes to Path of Exile, the decision to remove the various difficulties will have some obvious impacts on players. The newest Dev post from GGG details the basics of how the Labyrinth will be changing coming in 3.0.

The basic overview of the new Lab is as follows:

You’ll still need to complete six trials to gain access to the Aspirants’ Plaza via the Sarn Encampment. From here you will be able to access all four versions of the Labyrinth, as long as you have fulfilled their requirements. The requirements for all of the Labyrinths as of The Fall of Oriath will be:

  • Normal-equivalent Labyrinth: Six trials.
  • Cruel-equivalent Labyrinth: Three trials, as well as completion of the previous Labyrinth.
  • Merciless-equivalent Labyrinth: Three trials, as well as completion of both previous Labyrinths.
  • Endgame Labyrinth: Six trials, as well as completion of all previous Labyrinths.

These requirements will all be displayed on a UI similar to the master-crafting benches. The UI will show the trials you still need to complete for each Labyrinth, including the Endgame one.

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