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When will Maneater release on Nintendo Switch?

When will Maneater release on Nintendo Switch?

Tripwire Interactive, the developers behind the Switch port of shark-running-away-from simulator Maneater, have finally announced the release date for a new port. The game will have all of the different bloody bits involved when it finally releases on the Nintendo Switch. With the developers of Killing Floor and Rising Storm at the helm, the Maneater release on Nintendo Switch could be a great new multiplayer title.

With the Maneater release on Nintendo Switch, the port will also be joined by versions of the game for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. As of now, those latter versions are due to release on May 22. With the Switch port, we have a bit of time to wait. The release date is currently listed as “later 2020” for the game on the Switch.


So while it has been confirmed as coming to the Nintendo Switch, the release window is still wide open. Most retailers currently stocking the game ahead of launch have pages for the Switch version with a tentative date of December 31. This is likely a placeholder though, as the more firm release date will be added in later once Tripwire has announced it.

Maneater is a new game, and certainly a new type of gameplay, for the Switch and various other platforms. Players take a deep-sea diver into the domain of a hungry shark, and have to survive. You can upgrade elements of your character like your swim speed with the RPG mechanics, but that’s not where the real fun is had. Most players will want to take the giant shark for a swim. The shark player will get to use their giant maw filled with teeth to chew up other players.

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There’s even a story-based campaign mode to take for a spin. Players can take on the iconic Scaly Pete, who killed your family, and the story is all about taking on this giant beast and getting revenge.

The whole point of Maneater is to play through the campaign and get your revenge on Scaly Pete, the fisherman who killed your mother. It won’t be easy, as Scaly Pete is a clever fisherman, and he hates sharks because one of them killed his father.

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