How to unlock all secret characters in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

play as impa in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Secret characters are always a big part of the content in various Musou games, and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the Switch is no exception. Players have to hunt down a bunch of different side quests to find all the hidden roster elements and get them to a playable state. Of course you can also unlock other characters that aren’t so hidden, like Zelda.

Most characters are unlocked by just playing through the main quest, though there are a few secret characters that need to be earned through special tasks. Here’s what you need to do to fill out the roster.

Great Fairy

The Great Fairies are unlocked by completing all four Great Fairy challenges available during Chapter 4. This will be part of a series of challenges that you need to unlock as part of completing the  Offering Help on the Road challenge. There are a series of four more Fairy Fountain challenges after that first one that you must then complete to get this character.

Monk Maz Koshia

To get this character, you must complete Challenge “Trial of the Ancients”. This involves finding and completing three Monk subquests in the postgame. After doing this you will earn a chance to fight the boss monk, and winning the fight unlocks him.

Terrako The Mini Guardian

Complete Terrako’s Return Quest by collecting 50 Terrako Components. This will be unlocked after completing the main quest. The components are scattered all over, and you need to turn in all of them.

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Calamity Ganon

When you complete the game, there’s a new quest called “Vs. Calamity Ganon” after you beat Terrako’s Return. This is a versus challenge and is one of the hardest fights in the game. But if you manage to win, you get Calamity Ganon as a playable character.

And in case you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a video guide that runs through all of this as well.

Other unlockable characters

There are many more roster entries beyond these secret characters. Here’s where you need to get to in the game to unlock the rest of the roster.

Link & Impa – Chapter 1: The Battle of Hyrule Field
Princess Zelda  Chapter 1: Road to the Ancient Lab
Mipha – Chapter 2: Mipha, The Zora Princess
Daruk – Chapter 2: Daruk, The Goron Hero
Revali – Chapter 2: Revali, The Rito Warrior
Urbosa – Chapter 2: Urbosa, The Gerudo Chief
Hestu – Chapter 3: Freeing Korok Forest
Sidon & Yunobo – Chapter 5: Water and Fire
Teba & Riju – Chapter 5: Air and Lightning
Zelda (Bow of Light) & Master Kohga – Chapter 6: Each Step Like Thunder
King Rhoam – Chapter 7: The Great Plateau

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