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EVE Online Partnership Program Announced

EVE Online Partnership Program Announced

CCP Games recently announced the EVE Online Partnership Program, an initiative aimed at content creators within the community to help promote the game. The program will see the players getting new folks into the game via videos and streams getting unique rewards and help. CCP will even help out getting folks connected with CCP devs and other unique opportunities. The gamers accepted into the program also get access “into a secret enclave of partners and CCP developers where you can chat with us about your content, ask questions, trade tips and tricks, and more.”

The launch of EVE Online was a defining day in the MMO scene. And the growth the game has scene has been rather impressive. Of course, more folks are always welcome. According to CCP, “the EVE Online Partnership Program is our way of saying thanks and helping you continue to grow your audience and serve the EVE community.” The goal is to grow the game and get the community more involved in making the game grow.

Players will need to be approved to take part, and those that are will get a free Omega subscription and 500 PLEX per month to keep their account active. Players in the program will get to do various techniques including getting a unique set of skins “to use for giveaways, contests, or other creative ways of rewarding your audience”. You will also have chances to be featured on official CCP Games channels, including “website, social media, Steam, and possibly even in the EVE Online launcher!” CCP has also said that they will be adding more opportunities and rewards for the promotion as time goes on.

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There will be various guidelines you will have to abide by for content. The promotions that are eligible are subject to approval from CCP. If you’re approved, you get access to some very special rewards and materials. The program offers game time support, exclusive partner SKINs and much more as rewards and to help to get new people into the game.

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