How to Restore your Health in Chivalry 2

How to recharge special abilities in Chivalry 2

This game is an unforgiving slog through bloody mud. Chivalry 2 pulls no punches, and you should expect a brutal fight. But even if you find yourself at death’s door, you can bounce back. Players working together as a team will want to keep their allies fighting. That’s where healing abilities come in. In Chivalry 2, there are three methods to heal yourself up and get back into the fight. When you want to restore your Health in Chivalry 2, here’s what to do.

How to Restore your Health in Chivalry 2

Most players will rely on healing items in many matches. At the start of every match, every player receives one free bandage. Press the right key on your keyboard or controller to heal yourself with the item. Watch out, as you will need to let the animation play out before you can get back to the fight. The healing animation can leave you open to attack, so don’t try to patch up during a fight if you can help it. You can gain another bandage by restocking from the ammo crates found around the map.

Eating food is another source of ways to restore your Health in Chivalry 2. You can consume the ration items to gain a small health regen effect. You will find a bunch of food items dotted around the map like vegetables and fish. Consume them by pressing X/Square button twice, or the C key on your keyboard.

You will notice that there are also some class abilities that may help with this. These abilities are keyed to each sub-class. Yes they do have cooldowns, but you can recharge class abilities in this game by doing certain tasks. Here’s the breakdown of how each healing ability works:

  • Footman: Bandage Box: A placable item that allows others to restock bandages.
  • Vanguard and Knight: Trumpet: Restores a small amount of health to all allies within a small radius.
  • Archer and Knight: Banner: A deployable that heals allies standing near it.

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