How to reset Nether from older worlds in Minecraft’s Nether Update

How to update Minecraft to 1.16 The Nether Update

If you want to reset Nether dimensions from your older Minecraft worlds, there’s a way to do that. You might think about doing that because older iterations lack all of the content in the new 1.16 patch released to all versions today. The new patch has Netherite tools, soul campfires and so much more going on. If you want a hellish challenge, this is the patch you have been waiting for. It’s full of stuff to explore, and if you’re on an old seed, it’s very much a good idea to update it.

Doing this process to reset Nether dimensions will require some file changes, so it might be a good idea to back up your game files prior to doing this. Select the world in the menu, click edit, and then make backup, to have the game automatically create a new file with the same settings as before. Going back into this menu will allow you to restore the backup as well.

With that warning out of the way, let’s get started. Keep in mind that if you set your Nether to infinite when it was generated, this won’t affect you, and the newly generated chunks should apply the new updated content.

To reset the Nether to the new settings, use the same edit button to click the open world folder button. You need to go to the folder labeled “DIM-1” and then delete it. Once that’s done, return to the launcher and boot your game. When you load back in and re-enter the Nether, it should have all of the new content already enabled.

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