How to process ingredients in Genshin Impact

Where to farm White Iron Chunks in Genshin Impact

With the impending release of new content, including a new region in patch 1.2, things are getting very interesting for the new gacha hit. Genshin Impact has exploded in popularity, despite its god-awful monetization, and has become a must-play for any open-world RPG fan. That comes with a pretty heavy warning that the monetization is just straight up gambling. Aside from that let-down, there is a great game here. With tons of areas to explore and bosses to fight, there’s a lot of game here.

And not to be content with just a simple RPG, the developers have also included a variety of gameplay loops to pad out the experience. And yes, that includes a very interesting cooking system. Normally cooking in games just involves gathering ingredients and creating recipes. With Genshin Impact, you will also need to go through extra steps. Some recipes require you to process ingredients in Genshin Impact.

You don’t just take a pile of oats and turn it into bread, you need flour and other ingredients. It’s not that complex in this game, so don’t worry about getting bogged down. Some of the more useful recipes do require you to put some work in though. You just need to know what menus to use to process stuff. So let’s talk about that.

You will want to start with the cooking menu and head to the Recipes window. Next to that, you will find the Processing tab. This is where you go to take any raw ingredients and turn them into useful ones. Not every item will need to be processed, but there are certain dishes that need processed ingredients. So when you need to do a cooking spree, make sure to process ingredients in Genshin Impact.

With your processed ingredients in hand, you’re ready to get cooking. You might want to stop by and check out our cooking guide for more details on all the recipes in the game. If you’re up for more of a challenge you might want to look at our Elite Bosses guide. These Elite opponents are part of the Battle Pass and you want to know how to take them down.

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And if you’re in the mood for some gathering, there’s plenty more to be done. Violetgrass is another plant that’s useful for upgrades. IF you’re on the hunt for some other resources like Wolfhook, we’ve got you covered. For ores, there’s Cor Lapis and Noctilucous Jade which you will need throughout the game.

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