Null Sec Sov Fights

HERO And GSF/CFC clash in V-3YG7, CFC Caps Downed

EVE Online Capital Fight

At around 2:00 EVE Time on January 23 2015, a Goonswarm fleet arrived in V-3, and met with heavy resistance from various HERO alliances and corporations.

Around 100 HERO pilots formed an initial response fleet the GSF led roaming fleet in system.  Wordquickly spread that the fleet included both an Archon and Phoenix belonging to GSF.  As more pilots piled in system. More than 200 pilots were involved on both sides.

The CFC kitchen sink roam was encountered in V-3 and a full scale battle began.  The highlights of the battle being the Phoenix and Archon kills.  Which are now the top kills on zKillboard for the system.

Full battle report

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