How to complete the Manic Mother Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Manic Mother Challenge in BitLife

Part of the new weekly challenge in BitLife this week is to be pretty cruel to your progeny. You need to be a very unstable mother to complete the Manic Mother Challenge in BitLife. Each part of this challenge involves being a very terrible mom for a variety of reasons. This one’s very different from the Mother’s Day challenge from a while back. This challenge is much more about being a terrible mother. Here’s what you need to do in detail for this weekly challenge.

How to complete the Manic Mother Challenge in BitLife

This challenge is very similar to some other challenges from the game’s history. You need to be very promiscuous and have tons of terrible relationships with basically everyone. Here are the steps to complete.

  • Have 10+ baby daddies
  • Insult each of your children
  • Abandon each of your children
  • Marry a man with 2+ children
  • Insult each of your stepchildren

Start by choosing a female character. You will want good Health and Body scores, as these can help prevent issues later in the challenge. Good health can stop complications from having too many pregnancies. Good Body scores makes it easier to land partners. Once you have that setup, it’s time to move on in your digital life.

You will need to spend as much of your life as possible building relationships into romantic connections. Go on as many dates as possible, as you need to have a lot of kids. Since you need to have 10 or more baby daddies with other NPCs. you need to date a lot of men and get pregnant by a bunch of them. if you get lucky and have twins, that can help speed this process up. Just keep pumping out babies. And yes, this challenge is certainly bizarre.

Keep in mind that you cannot marry or make them your partner. Just date them and have unprotected sex to get it to count as a baby daddy. Once you have 10 or more kids, you should see the green check mark on the challenge.

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Dealing with all these kids

Once the kids are born, you need to insult all of your children. To take care of this, you need to head into the Relationships tab and use the insult function. You only need to do it once for it to count. YOu don’t want to overdo it, as that can have other negative consequences. You will need to do this for all the children that you have naturally. Keep in mind that the Insult option only comes up after age three.  So once you get them to age of three or more, use the Insult button to get the mark for the challenge.

After that, you need to abandon each and every kid. This is easy since you’re probably not married. You can abandon a child by click on their profile and picking the option to abandon them. Make sure you do this after you have insulted them. Don’t mess up the order of these tasks. Do that for all 10+ kids that you have.

Finally, it’s time to settle down into the crazy stepmom role. You will need to date and marry someone with two or more kids. It’s very RNG-reliant, but it’s part of the challenge. You need to date them and then check their profile under Relationships while dating them. If two kids show up, you’re free to marry, if not, move on.

After you’ve married the right guy, just insult his kids and the challenge should mark as complete. Once that and the other steps for the Manic Mother Challenge are completed, you earn a new cosmetic option on your account.

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